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Radio Rollo w/ShayP

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Marathon session with the Rollmeister and ShayP.

Featuring the music of Queen and Radiohead, and a ten minute “can you hear me” section.


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Jungle bests Russian on 9/11

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Junglesurfer is right about 9/11,at least more than Russianvids is in his analysis and final theory.

Update: Jungle response:

Simon weighs in:

“Russianvids” has never watched a Hollywood action movie…

I find it rather astonishing (if not depressing and/or tragic) to see how many folks still cannot bring themselves to accept that the 9/11 imagery was essentially a prefabricated special fx Hollywood action movie. I can’t believe that, after all these years, this is still (seemingly) so hard to understand, especially on the part of ‘cutting-edge’ media fakery Youtube researchers / videomakers such as “Russianvids”. Of course, I’m assuming here – for the sake of good will – that “Russianvids” is NOT one of the numerous cointelpro disinformationists – but only your average, mindless simpleton.

Update 2/3:

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