Audiochat-Ab, Zal, Tom

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New voice Zal1ian comes to the audiochat.


You too can join. Please go to for participate.

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6 thoughts on “Audiochat-Ab, Zal, Tom

  1. richard Benedict

    @Tom Dalpra, for the record, I believe there are 5 Paul McCartney doubles as show in this pic.

    And I believe Ab is correct: finding a double is small potatoes for the evil music industry. The one they found for George Harrison was a good one.

  2. Zalian

    Don’t worry about it Tom, you brought alot of life to the conversation, and it was nice talking to you both 🙂

    And i was all over the place anyway xD


  3. Carole Thomas

    Very nice chat indeed. Lovely to hear Zal and hear a new and young nerdy perspective – and no worries Tom – I think your presence enhanced the discussion!


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