Noblies and flying tires

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Noblies: [noh-buh lize]: tell a fake story for a good cause

This story reeks of . Why?

  • occurred beside truck inspection station (secure area with no adjacent onlookers)
  • time of incident: 9:18 (9,9)
  • vicsim is 69
  • no names, hospitals
  • tires in video show no sign of shearing
  • brake chamber shows no signs of shearing
  • tire came off rear right of truck…odds are it would have left the highway to the right ditch, not crossing the median
  • SUV damage inconsistent with tire impact, would have most likely rolled to avoid tire
  • photos and video all look well presented and media ready
  • suspect tractor company name blurred out
  • highway reopened at 1:19pm (911)

A 69-year-old man was seriously injured on Hwy. 400 this morning when a set of wheels flew off a transport truck and struck his SUV.Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said the tires came off a southbound transport truck just north of King Rd. around 9:18 a.m.

Source: Man critically injured as truck tire hits SUV on Hwy. 400 | Toronto Star…

Police using latest in social media technology:…

The trucking industry is deregulated in Ontario like in the US: so rates and corners are cut. This is clearly a warning to all carriers to be careful.

Those that stage these events will most likely feel no remorse as it is for a good cause: a .

Does that make it wrong then? You decide.

Update: 2/3

Hard to figure out this one. Here’s the name of the alleged victim:

Koenderman, the 69-year-old former CEO of Aecon Group Inc.’s industrial business unit

The obit says Aecon (road construction among other provincial contracts), but the 0;memories” page conflicts saying he worked at B&W, a nuclear power firm (huge beneficiaries of fraudulent largesse). Another oddity is that the family wants donations made to the heart and stroke charity. Are these anomalies indicating a real person died but was used for a noble lie?

Odd, but not impossible, that the immediate problem/reaction/solution is to call for more laws on truck safety:

Bolstering Ontario’s trucking safety laws would be a fitting tribute to a man killed this week by a flying truck tire on Hwy. 400, an old friend of his says.

Bob Kerton, who worked alongside Paul Koenderman on the University of Waterloo’s board of governors and grew up with him in Ajax, said the system needs reform.

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3 thoughts on “Noblies and flying tires

  1. psyopticon

    The Noble Lie appears to be behind the Glasgow Bin Lorry crash. Another heavy vehicle psyop. One from 2014 which just won’t shut up. Supposedly a sickly dumpster truck driver/actor, ignoring medical advice, took to the wheel. Promptly suffering a cardiac arrest in a busy city centre street. With tragic consequences for pedestrian bystanders. Allegedly.

    The gummint is using it a pretext for introducing mandatory medicals every year for all drivers of heavy goods vehicles. Since the medicals tests will probably be conducted by private healthcare companies, but paid for by the hauliers, it could be a cash cow. It would also see the erosion of privilege which normally exists between doctor and patient.

    The doctors’ regulatory body in Britain, the GMC, instinctively siding with the government; agreeing that road safety is paramount; especially when it involves older drivers.

    So that seemed to be the “propaganda vector” of the Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash hoax. Another Noble Lie.

    Those statistics for earlier “flying truck wheel” incidents in Ontario look “cooked”. Incidents that have increased alarmingly year-on-year, with 2015 the only exception. 127 incidents in one year, in just one province? Really that many?

    This looks like another Noble Lie from the world of motoring — the Be-Sure-To-De-Ice-Your-Windscreen hoax.

    It feels very CGI. A strong cartoony sense to that spinning ice-sheet. A cheap-and-easy digital animation. At the point of the supposed windscreen strike, the simple, but equally effective video-layering of cracked glass, in front of the road view.…

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Indeed. On that Ice on the windshield one, if you listen to the original Audio it sounds like ISIS propaganda, snuck in there. ICE – ISIS , get it? This video of course went viral on the various platforms and the kids got a bit of ICE IS propaganda in their faces and they didn’t know it.

      They used the ICE – ISIS soundalike as a reference, in the ice bucket challenge craze of last year. Run alongside the traumatic footage of a fake beheading campaign, we all took homemade film of our friends and family screaming as ice went over their heads. This stuff apparently works.

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