Leaning spire

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Is that a leaning spire I see at 1:24? Wow, no rubble at all here. Familiar dust clouds, etc.

Swaying antenna on cluesforum:



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  1. xileffilex

    I suspect the block under controlled demolition is mainly reinforced concrete and brick or breeze block, with not much steel girdering. However, I was wondering about the famous WTC antenna. 350 ft plus, 360 tons plus, allegedly. That’s quite a bit of wreckage in itself which gives the impression it will land away from the main core in those suspicious videos.
    This is all that remains – well, as a museum exhibit – few hunbdred pounds, perhaps.

    The deaths of the people involved with broadcasting from WTC1 are suspicious in themselves, pointing to them being insiders. We see so many lucky escapes, but here, we have an unlucky death…allegedly, of Bill Steckman who, for the purposes of the script, just happened to stop on after night work that day….until 9AM…

    Rod Coppola, WNET-TV (PBS)
    Donald DiFranco, WABC-TV
    Steven Jacobsen, WPIX-TV (Tribune)
    Isaias Rivera WCBS-TV [CBS]
    Bob Pattison, WCBS-TV
    William Steckman, WNBC-TV

    And a mate of Coppola just happened to make a video of him at the Antenna a few weeks before 9/11 and put it on YouTube years later…

    There’s something not quite right about the Antenna not least with the hagiographies emerging of the above technician insiders.

    Another large fragement of the antenna structure is plinthed in Quincy, Ill, where the antenna was manufactured.
    e.g. media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/medi…

    Further research at LRF


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