Happy birthday Simon!

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Scientific sunshine shadow test to blow away the smoke screen. What a lovely birthday present!

Yes, we have long demonstrated – beyond reasonable doubt & in countless methods & manners – that the entire pool of extant 9/11 imagery is entirely phony and that the / 0; ” was pulled off primarily thanks to the prefabricated “Made-for-TV-Hollywood-movie” (sold to this world’s population) as “real / authentic news broadcasts”. However, it appears that the debate is still raging (around the “truther interwebs”), what with many folks having (quite understandable) problems understanding HOW exactly this was achieved. Most people try to make sense out of the imagery which, itself, makes no sense at all – and that’s why we see very little progress in waking up our fellow earthlings to the Grand 9/11 Hoax.Now, please know that I was myself extremely skeptical of – and even irritated by – the early imagery analyses making the rounds on the internets regarding the WTC collapses. I thought they were just silly. Especially those who claimed that “evil faces had been drawn in the smokeplumes”. I reasoned that (as most rational people would ‘reason’): with enough fantasy, your mind can make out ANY pattern you like within a given / random smokeplume – much like anyone can “see” elephant-shapes (or whatnot) in cloud formations and such. Well, knowing what I know now – as to the psychopathic nature of the Nutwork (“our ruling class”) I’m not so sure anymore about that. Here’s something “my mind imagined” while looking again at a fairly high-resolution animation (released only in 2010) of the “ collapse”- Please understand that all I have done here (“photoshopping-wise”) is to tweak some color levels of the pixels contained in these frames – and little else. I will ask you all to make your minds up for yourselves – as to the possible (or not) ‘random nature’ of this drifting “WTC1 smokeplume”:

Source: View topic – CGI collapse footage • Cluesforum.info

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