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Two site related updates:

I am auditioning for comments, in an effort to help with the way comments work here and also allow outsiders to have their say. It allows voting of comments as well and is widely used around the internet – and is not facebook (yet)! will still need a fakeologist login, but disqus has their own login. Once I recognize you, I’ll whitelist you so your comments won’t have to wait to be approved.

Sadly, this means many logins for the site. I appreciate if you could use a username that is similar in forums, chat, and comments if possible.

I am experimenting with bitcoin. I don’t know much about it, but am trying to find an anonymous tipping system that has some sticking power on the internet. Previous site seems to have stopped working.

Scroll down on the right side of this page to find my bitcoin address and a chrome plugin to send and detect sites with bitcoin addresses.

Send a tip via bitcoin: 1AbtFp1QcH24nW2VFZcf9rp74bcoDkuPfm Try this app to tip websites:…

I’d appreciate if someone could try and send a micropayment to see if it works. Email me at and let me know if you try. I’m doing this because I have always believed in micropayments for websites but so far no-one has figured out how to do it easily. This should be the future of media – micropaying for good content.

A price of a cup of coffee or donut for a weeks worth of work is reasonable and may help ensure content you like continues.

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