Daily Archives: February 6, 2016

Surreal, unbelievable – real?

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Refreshing in 2016 to see some surveillance footage that is of a believable quality – and actually looks real.

No numerology, no deaths – just plastic cars and trucks flying all over the place.

I post this in contrast to other material here – as I suspect this is real footage. Feel free to disagree, however, without feeling bad.

I will categorize this as a “real event” for now (I had to make a new category for it).

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Moon walker stalker busted

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Does Bart Sibrel do more harm than good? Why would the a$$-true-NOTs agree or even disagree to an interview with him?

This is the very nature of controlled opposition. If anyone like you or me went up to them, you would be ignored or shooed away. After watching what Bart goes through, it’s even less likely that you’d bother?

Even though I liked Bart’s work as a fakeologist, the average reaction towards Bart is negative and sympathetic to the sad old masons being asked to swear on a bible they’ve long renounced.

PsyOps and psychology is very tricky – that’s why so many resources are devoted to it. That energy is why it looks so much like magic and fools us every time.

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