Surreal, unbelievable – real?

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Refreshing in 2016 to see some surveillance footage that is of a believable quality – and actually looks real.

No numerology, no deaths – just plastic cars and trucks flying all over the place.

I post this in contrast to other material here – as I suspect this is real footage. Feel free to disagree, however, without feeling bad.

I will categorize this as a 0;real event” for now (I had to make a new category for it).

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8 thoughts on “Surreal, unbelievable – real?

  1. Aris Tocles

    Download the video and watch the video frame by frame. (I use quicktime). You will notice the white passenger van coming in from the right already “wrecked” before contact with any debris from the initial impact. You will also notice frames are repeated during the crash sequence to make it seem like it slows down. Like it would seem if real. All the vehicles involved just happen to heavily tinted windows and windshield. It looks real at full speed but frame by frame analysis show some very strange anomalies. I don’t have any idea why they would stage something like this but it is staged.

    1. Fakeologist

      Yes I saw the white van was already wrecked or sideswiped – I figured it was hit by the errant pick up before the frame.

      The best reason to stage these things is to test their simulations for future law changing events. Sites like this help them sharpen their knives. How sad we’re helping the enemy!

      1. Aris Tocles

        Perhaps it is to push mandatory collision avoidance systems on new cars and the quest for driverless vehicles. “Drudge” never fails to keep his readers abreast of the google campaign for driverless cars. Check into Uber and who are the investors and current management you’ll see that is far from just being an alternative to taxis.…

      2. xileffilex

        It’s interesting to watch the behavior of the accessory autos – top left of screen around 0.09, and the odd hive of activity around the pre-wrecked white pickup. This is no real crash…

  2. xileffilex

    Good one, Ab. Closed road, driverless vehicles, planted witnesses and a transparent drill. How the firee services love cutting open buses and cars. True heroes.

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