Fakeologist on chemtrails

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I never had a position on chemtrails (since I never heard about them at all before getting into this research), but a certain persona and all their sock puppets hounds me on it – so I thought about it and made an official stance: I don’t see them in Toronto (yes I’ve seen the videos purportedly from here), the site of Canada’s biggest and busiest airport, so therefore, I don’t believe in most if not all of what’s said about them.

The topic always seems to come up – as a 0;truther”, we need to take a stand on everything nefarious, apparently, even if we’re not interested or knowledgeable.

On this previously referenced podcast I heard, for the first time, some reasonable conversation on chemtrails. If I had to form an opinion on them, it would sound like a mashup of Lori, John, Lawrence, and Kristen:


I therefore conclude that if they do exist, they’re not being used here, and if they were, it’s probably an attempt at weather modification. We hardly need it here, since our weather is very active and changes by the hour most days. The rest is probably fear porn. I can’t further elaborate, since I really am not interested in them. I do know that airplanes have no exhaust systems like ground vehicles, and the exhaust does stink and is probably toxic, like most combustibles.

The above referenced show is quite good, and I do recommend and enjoy all the players on it.

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1 thought on “Fakeologist on chemtrails

  1. cj

    I believe in chemtrails, that something is strange about jet contrails. I’ll say that they seem to have been way less common here in the mountains of Colorado for about the last two years. Before that I lived in S/E Michigan and they were very apparent, then I moved here and the Colorado floods happened, then I still saw them for awhile, now not so much.

    The thing that stands out is when jets fly over and leave a solid streak, but the streak settles out all of these exactly evenly spaces “poofs” that fall. Then those hit a crosswind and make a “fishbone”. Then back in S/E Michigan every single day that spreads out into a sun blocking haze or cover.

    It’s just weird how it makes these “poofs” as I would call them because they are so evenly spaced and I’ve never read an explanation about the operation of turbofan engines that would explain it.

    Like I said, I’m not seeing it very often recently at least here


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