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War on travel, cruise edition

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Planes, trains, automobiles, and now ships.

Not much of a story, just one to create general mayhem and unease if you’re thinking of taking whatever money you have leftover from rising food prices and taking a cruise.

Note the 33, 99, 344, the 66 … masonfitti.

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A winter storm rocked the Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas off the Southeast Coast Sunday, prompting the cruise ship to change course, and passengers flocked to social media to tell of high winds and waves and being confined to their rooms.

Source: Cruise ship drama off Southeast Coast on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas – CBS News

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Election selection

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I like that one of my favorite cartoonists has a conspiratorial bent to him.

The New Hampshire primary tomorrow should be interesting.

As I often say, wherever you have large stakes, an opportunity for wrong-doing, and a small risk of getting caught, wrong-doing happens. That’s a universal law of human awfulness. When humans CAN cheat, they do. Or at least enough of them do.

Source: Scott Adams Blog

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