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Matrix decoded

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I couldn’t get into the Matrix movie, so I didn’t watch the next two in the trilogy.

Luckily, Miles Mathis did watch them, and his conclusion is that they are all written by the CIA’s top level spook writers.

In this paper I will tell you what The Matrix films are really all about. I know that a lot of people have already tried to do this, but I have a different reading. As you know, I don’t write on a subject unless I have something new to tell you.

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But before I do, I want to conclude by telling you who I think actually wrote The Matrix. It clearly wasn’t the Wachowski brothers, since they don’t seem capable of writing a coherent grocery list. They didn’t write The Matrix any more than they wrote V for Vendetta. ? They look to me like fronts for Intelligence. This script was an important production of Langley, but not the Langley I have been exposing in recent papers. The people who wrote Jack London’s bio, or Fidel Castro’s, aren’t the ones who wrote this script. It was written by a top team, possibly the top writing committee they have. It is the same committee that writes the propaganda for Scientific American and the other top science journals, since it has all the same markers. They have been instructed to promote this breakdown of reality, and they are very good at it. They hit you from every angle and reference all the top misdirection of history. They cross-pollinate all fields with a fairly consistent lie, from science to art to film to psychology to current affairs. They have a longterm plan and a huge budget to see it through.

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Are sex changes science fiction?

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Miles Mathis thinks so … and so do I. I certainly don’t think the state should pay for them, since sex is a behavior issue to me. That means only very  rich people can afford them, and they’ve got other things to do with their money.

Where would one find a doctor? Good surgeons get good by repeating the same surgeries thousands of times – so who do they practice on? The more thought one gives this very fringe and distasteful subject, the more it falls apart under scrutiny.

In other words, as highlighted by the Bruce Gender psyOp, its point is to disrupt the orderly way of nature and to create yet another divisive social construct.

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Johnny on fire

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Johnny is probably the world’s best and most expert Jesuit exposer. A great monologue (interview).

Dedicated researcher, Johnny Cirucci, joins The Higherside Chats Podcast to make his case that the Vatican and the Jesuits sit atop the conspiracy pyramid. Johnny has his own online radio show called Resistance Rising on Blog Talk Radio, and is the author of Illuminati Unmasked, which goes deep down the Jesuit rabbit hole and chronicles…

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Post 9/11 fabricated footage

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Best comment on this was “looked like a movie set”. No doubt.

Do you think the psyOp perps would stop making fabricated footage for 9/11 release? Of course not. The follow up “devastation” just just as important, if not more so.

All fabricated in a Hollywool studio.

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