How can genii be so stupid?

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These 0;twins” have a resume longer than Mother Theresa’s. If this is a fake story, and I label it suspicious since there’s the usual lack of evidence, then they really went overboard creating their list of achievements.

How did they have the energy to sneak onto an old bobsled track when they were busy being model citizens to the entire city of Calgary?

I was hoping for some better twin pictures.

A funeral was held Thursday for twin teenage brothers Jordan and Evan Caldwell, who died during an after-hours run on a bobsled track at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. After the accident early Saturday, their parents and sister shared some background about the 17-year-old boys.

Source: Teens killed on bobsled track enjoyed school, church, outdoors | Toronto Star

What’s the purpose of this story if it is fake? Canadian Press, being an ally of AP, has to produce a quota of believable stories in order to keep in practice with the rest of the global media network. It then must measure the reaction (even though it’s harder than ever to comment on online media as they’ve closed most commenting) to plumb the depths of Canadian gullibility.

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11 thoughts on “How can genii be so stupid?

  1. tomdalpra

    It’s easy to see things in the media and think that look contrived ( they normally are, whatever ), but I’ve seen stuff like this before with proven psyOps. It looks like one of those fake memorial presentations. It may not be, but if we’re gonna find these boys alive, it would have to be.

    Why the ”V sign” from one of them in his photograph, I wondered? In Britain this sign means ”Up yours!”.

    1. Hare Brain

      That hand sign typically means Peace, but according to wikipedia if you see the back of the hand it’s “an insulting gesture in Australia, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom”

  2. tomdalpra

    Mmm…IF this was faked, then it looks like they were real twins.

    With all that ( alleged) ‘model citizen-like’ behaviour they MAY have been good candidates to be selected to become ‘important government agents’. First step, fake your deaths in a PsyOp.

    A Nerds on a Bobsleigh Run Op, could mean Canada’s intelligence services have just recruited another pair of twins.

      1. tomdalpra

        My sense is that with all their well-publicised activity and their achievements at school, it’s likely that they were/are real.
        It’s by no means proof and it not certain in my mind, at all. I’ve only given it a brief look.

        It was those nerdish profiles too,
        I looked at them and thought, ”Ideal for spooks!” these do-good ‘nerds’ look like prime candidates.

        I’ll have to give it a proper look at it, it’s potentially quite interesting.

        ”Jesus Loves Nerds”

  3. Hare Brain

    Everyone has an inflated resume. If you did volunteer work for 15 minutes, you could say you’re a philanthropist.

    The kids have facebook pages, and also their aunt.
    That looks like a well attended memorial service.
    The church:

    It’s an awful lot of work to fake such an insignificant story.

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