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What happened to pancreatic cancer?

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I was speculating on what happened to pancreatic cancer? It was a major killer in the media a few years back, taking out famous people left right and center – and now it’s gone…

I remembered it crescendoed in 2007 with Randy Pausch.

Is it a cover story for removing people from the public eye that want to get out?


Famous People Who Died of Pancreatic Cancer

Christian Bale’s stunning body transformations


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Nicole “Brown” SIM-pson

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The more I look at this picture, the sim-mier it gets. Was this picture even published 21 years ago, or is it newly photoshopped for 2016? There really are very few pictures of “Nicole”, considering her celebrity.

Was there ever even a “Brown” family? (is Brown a deliberate subliminal to describe the merging of a black man and a white woman?) I understand that Nicole is likely modeled after one “Denise” Brown. Apparently her “father” died in 2004, but his obit guest book is empty. Not even a few relatives checking in?

My stand is that the OJ Simpson trial was a complete fabrication from start to now. Since you cannot broadcast courtroom trials in the US, that’s the first and easiest clue that it was a simulation.

As a side note, my brother told me that Ford Bronco was even scrapped soon after and replaced with the — Expedition (he thought it was the Escape – wouldn’t that have been a hoot!)

The O.J. Simpson Trial: Where Are They Now?| Crime & Courts, Murder, OJ Simpson Trial, True Crime

“Denise Brown”

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