Nicole “Brown” SIM-pson

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The more I look at this picture, the sim-mier it gets. Was this picture even published 21 years ago, or is it newly photoshopped for 2016? There really are very few pictures of 0;Nicole”, considering her celebrity.

Was there ever even a “Brown” family? (is Brown a deliberate subliminal to describe the merging of a black man and a white woman?) I understand that Nicole is likely modeled after one “Denise” Brown. Apparently her “father” died in 2004, but his obit guest book is empty. Not even a few relatives checking in?

My stand is that the Simpson trial was a complete fabrication from start to now. Since you cannot broadcast courtroom trials in the US, that’s the first and easiest clue that it was a simulation.

As a side note, my brother told me that Ford Bronco was even scrapped soon after and replaced with the — Expedition (he thought it was the Escape – wouldn’t that have been a hoot!)

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“Denise Brown”

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4 thoughts on “Nicole “Brown” SIM-pson

  1. Aris Tocles

    I don’t if it is her but that picture of “Nicole” looks just like Angie Harmon as a blonde. If you google images for Angie back when she got “discovered” by The Hasselhof (so legend goes) for Baywatch Nights or Renegade, even more so. But the age does not add up. She is supposedly only 43.

    Anyway, even though Vanity Fair was the magrag that had Bruce Tucker on their cover, there are two articles that more or less spell out the farce that was the O.J. show.……

    Funny how we get 24 hour coverage for shows like O.J., Arias, Anthony and the like but for Boston ops, Loughner etc you get cartoon sketches and maybe a still photo.

    And why is there no interviews with Judy Clarke? Only articles about her giving speeches. Forget that she looks just like Ramsey Clark would look in a wig.…

    1. Richard Benedict

      “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

      ? Ralph Waldo Emerson

      Indeed. Fakeology has ruined me. Nicole a SIM? Heckfire, I can not listen to lurid interviews about the OJ murders by sketchy authors without thinking they are operatives fleshing out the hoax.

      This Singular, naturally enough, wrote a lurid book about the Jon Benet Ramsey hoax…errrr…spectacle…

      And of course there are other folk sowing confusion with theories that dissolve under scrutiny:

      TH Johnson

      Johnson’s nifty doc.

      The intrepid private investigator William Dear…

      Dear’s theory that OJ’s son did it is advanced by the staid BBC

      This phenomenon is reminiscent of the JFK and Manson story where tantalizing theories are proffered. But to me the give away that this is a managed PSYOP is the use of doubles/replacements.

      Marcia Clark

      She was replaced right after the trial. Since that time she was mostly played by two doubles (cannot say 100% which in which time period). The first photo comp is the real Marcia Clark (don’t know is she was a prosecutor or an actress, but there was this person on the trial)

      I don’t need to point out the differences. Eyes, nose, chin and head form are the keys. Plastic surgery has nothing to do with it. I see plastic surgery on both doubles, especially on the second woman, who had a lot of it, like face lifts and botox and fat injections. It is not about surgery, just in time. No, after so much researching of the doubles, one learns to see different PERSONS behind it all. A good example is this comp of the actors in the George Zimmerman PSYOP. There are 2 different people behind the eyes.

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