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Latest in special effects CGI or real 0g footage

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I can’t tell what I’m watching – a real 0 gravity plane video created as they detail here or just more fancy CGI/green screen technology.

They tell us the video is real in the intro- which is a deception technique in itself to turn off your critical eye.

Russianvids says he thinks it’s real, but I am not so sure. The “continuous 0g” is simulated with morphing every 27 (2+7=9) seconds, and I couldn’t spot the morphing (I assume that’s a joining of video segments).

This study is useful, only because it can lead to clues as to how NASA is simulating the space station interior videos by the a$$trueNOTs. Whatever the traditional entertainment industry is doing is likely being done by the military division of the entertainment business, ie. NASA. Continue reading

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