Latest in special effects CGI or real 0g footage

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I can’t tell what I’m watching – a real 0 gravity plane video created as they detail here or just more fancy CGI/green screen technology.

They tell us the video is real in the intro- which is a technique in itself to turn off your critical eye.

Russianvids says he thinks it’s real, but I am not so sure. The 0;continuous 0g” is simulated with morphing every 27 (2+7=9) seconds, and I couldn’t spot the morphing (I assume that’s a joining of video segments).

This study is useful, only because it can lead to clues as to how is simulating the space station interior videos by the a$$trueNOTs. Whatever the traditional entertainment industry is doing is likely being done by the military division of the entertainment business, ie. NASA.

Is “behind the scenes” video convincing to you? It’s not to me: (article)

Here’s their explanation of the process. Now I understand where the joins are, which I suppose can help explain how the a$$trueNOTs could possibly do extended segments.

One thing is certain – the a$$TRUEnots could not do this live – this process to create even 3 minutes would take weeks to create.

This makes me wonder – why would an obscure band (wiki) create such an expensive video? How does a band recover their costs? Is this military funded?

More questions than answers for me on this one.


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3 thoughts on “Latest in special effects CGI or real 0g footage

  1. Aris Tocles

    “How does a band recover their costs? Is this military funded?”

    I’m thinking just like NASA and ISS it comes from the same funding. Star City is probably where all the elaborate “space” videos are produced. Just look for cuts at the 27th second or so point. I think the wigged out tour by Suni and Space Oddity guitar farce were done in those airplanes. Your standard run of the mill, one stationary camera shots are probably done with harness and green screen. You notice they always do back flips and not side to side twirls to appease those crazy conspiracy theorists.…

    I never heard of them before but researching led to this video. One of their songs were in the opening of Cabin in the Woods. And I remember I liked it. The video that is.

    1. Aris Tocles…

      Based on the interview on Planetary Radio and “coincidence” of the video release and the gravitational wave discovery at the same time. And the product placement of NASA at 2:09 (with a couple of globes thrown in) in video from 2010, I think its safe to say they are most definitely on on the pay roll.

      1. tomdalpra

        Wow, thanks for that Aris Tocles. Quite an effort there. I’ll have to watch that again. I posted the recent ‘gravity; video in the chat the other day. the viral nature and the 20 million views caught my eye. The timing with the ‘big’ Gravitational Wave ‘location’ seems tailor-made, as you suggest.

        They’re obviously no strangers to big budget video spectaculars, now, what exactly was going on in that domino one, again…

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