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Serial killers serial books

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Like a bad movie remake, we have another (fictitious) serial killer writing another book and selling it on Amazon. How many occult days until it’s pulled down like the last fake story on our eastern version of the serial killer, Paul Bernardo?

The psyOps department writing a book simply helps validate the original script. It creates controversy and outrage, all elements to break through the constant media noise, which grows louder by the day.

More on Bernardo

Family members and a police officer directly involved in the Robert Pickton murder investigation were quick on Sunday to denounce a just-released book by the convicted serial killer.The 144-page paperback book, called Pickton: In His Own Words is for sale on Amazon.ca for $20.71.

Source: Serial killer Robert Pickton selling memoir on Amazon | Canada | News | Toronto


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The Moammar Gaddafi Affair

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The Gaddafi ouster is a complex but significant world event, using psyOps and propaganda to effectively tell the people that any sharing of the wealth (resources) will not be tolerated by the globalists that control our world.

Even if Gaddafi was not on the people’s side, and is possibly residing in luxury somewhere in the elite’s (hidden) enclaves, the point is to let the people and any future organic leaders know that sharing the wealth will not be tolerated.

No new currencies, no new development to benefit the many will be allowed outside the current established isms that benefit the few and suppress the many.

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Paging Jan Erik

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I’m not the only one look for Jan Erik to come back:

Name: Martin
Comment: Hello!

Thank you for a grat site! I have learnt a lot from it and are now a bit deeper into the rabbit hole.

I´m a member of a group called Cui Bono that invites lecturers on a regular basis to expose the fakery in media on a lot of different topics. We are based in Gothenburg in Sweden and after I have listened to a lot of your shows I think it would be very interesting to invite Jan-Erik to hold a lecture. Do you think that he would be interested in such a thing? Can you help me to contact him or give him my mail address so he can contact me if he is interested?

Our web site is



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