The Moammar Gaddafi Affair

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The Gaddafi ouster is a complex but significant world event, using and propaganda to effectively tell the people that any sharing of the wealth (resources) will not be tolerated by the globalists that control our world.

Even if Gaddafi was not on the people’s side, and is possibly residing in luxury somewhere in the elite’s (hidden) enclaves, the point is to let the people and any future organic leaders know that sharing the wealth will not be tolerated.

No new currencies, no new development to benefit the many will be allowed outside the current established isms that benefit the few and suppress the many.

The question one has to ask is, who was Moammar Gaddafi?  What information do you have about him other than what the government controlled MSM has told you?For a decade or two we constantly heard what a tyrant Moammar Gaddafi was.   We saw evil looking pictures of this man.  We heard stories of atrocities he supposedly had committed. We heard statements that were taken out of context and plainly untrue.  All of the information we heard on him was through the Lame Stream Government Controled Propaganda Media machine.  It was All LIES!

Source: Moammar Gaddafi

h/t to David Weiss, as mentioned on this show:

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5 thoughts on “The Moammar Gaddafi Affair

  1. xileffilex

    The discussion on GMMRP is around 1:12:25 onwards. I have come to think it was some kind of elaborate psy-op….25 billion USD ….due to be completed in 2011 and what happened then?? Despite superficial US sanctions, it was actually “built” by Halliburton using UK and Korean subsidiaries. Whatever was built.…

    1. tomdalpra

      Yes, that famous ‘water way’ project. It seemed a good thing. With Libya too, having the highest standard of living in Africa prior to 2011, the fact that Islamic fundamentalist rebels were clearly being supported by ‘us’ via a fixed UN security council bombing resolution seemed a complete outrage that no one really seemed to notice, back then, such was the success of the years of propaganda that led to a wave of public enthusiasm for the various ‘ uprisings’ of the Arab Spring. It’s where Syria’s troubles started.

      The Arab Spring was long planned, as was Gadaffi’s ‘demise’.
      Here a 1980’s sitcom foreshadows the event to the year and season.

      Whether he knew it or not, Gadaffi was long penciled-in for removal.

      One of the features of the Libyan liberation was celebratory stupidity.
      Here the gallant rebels fire-off guns and drive around like idiots. Presumably, this was to order, to show their great victory to the world.
      Alex Crawford starred for Sky News.

      1. xileffilex

        Oh yes, those “foreign correspondents” in Libya – John Simpson, Stuart Ramsay, Alex Crawford and many more – all playing out their roles. Look at this clown performing for the cameras at 0.43 and 2.45 for Alex…

        The Gadaffi “death” was one of the most transparent of hoaxes in 240p video.

      2. ab Post author

        I’m sure Gaddadi knew his role veey well. Now his fellow dictator Assad is in the same movie for this edition. Let’s hope his demise doesn’t involve a broom handle.

        1. tomdalpra

          Certainly watching this I get the feeling someone knew what was going to happen ( cut to Assad laughing!).


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