Social credit-Big brother and big data gone mad

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I would have thought this was a hoax, if it wasn’t being done in the overt capitalist dictatorship known as China. I’m sure if this works even a little bit it will be expanded to the rest of the Western world.

China’s government is building an omnipotent 0;social credit” system that is meant to rate each citizen’s trustworthiness.

Source: China ‘social credit’: Beijing sets up huge system – BBC News



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3 thoughts on “Social credit-Big brother and big data gone mad


    That is probably real : I have a lot of chinese students here in France and it is totally impossible to get a negative comment out of them about their government or their political system

    To Ab Irato : I found this very interesting bit of information ( from a fakeologist perspective ) about a coup in Bresil on the 28 december 1992 : Fernando Collor resigned brutally but the same day a soap opera actress was murdered in a voodoo ritual and the media didn’t mention the resignation of the president.…

  2. VespaDouglas

    Can you just imagine if the Americans or the British were able to impose , on their citizenry , the degree of social control that is imposed on the Chinese people ? How envious the West must be .

    Not long before the Americans were pretending to walk on the moon , the people of China were “pretending” to live on a diet of grass and boiled tree bark . China was dragged into, what was allegedly a ” near year 0″ situation of , famine and persecution for hundreds of millions of people .

    This ” 50″ year plan has allowed the Chinese “Craft Elite” to build a power base with such order and control that the “free” world “Craft Elite” can only imagine .
    And theyre ” shitting themselves”

    Nietzsche said ” from chaos comes order .”
    Absolutely anything the West can do/ get away with to create more order , they will do .

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