2 thoughts on “The United Masons of America

  1. Steven Shields

    Hi. I was watching your video and thought you might find something I put online interesting. I would like your feedback. Google $umorigami and read my decode of the dollar bill. This essay needs updating, editing and refinement, but there is plenty of fat to chew on. I have not produced a video, because I think to do it properly will require some help. I have found hidden on the dollar the philosophers stone, the 3 dimensional pillars of masonry and what I call the breasts of Isis, pyramidal temples to the sun and moon. I promise this won’ t be boring. Hope to hear from you.

  2. anounceofsaltperday

    This vid gets to the nub. The fakery is being motivated by Nakhash and those of the heavenly host that defied the Creator. People are being deceived into thinking that human nature is not divine. Continue to be divine.. give Nakhash the bird

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