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Judy loves Nick

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Judy’s making a 9/11 comeback. Greg seems to have quite a hard on for Judy.

The most interesting thing Judy said was that she loves Copernicus and celebrates his birthday Feb 19 every year. Coincidence that she mentions this in the year of the flat earth revival?

Once more I say that Judy bases her entire thesis on a faulty premise: completely fabricated photos and official data.

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Today we ask the big question: Where did the towers go? Weve all seen the footage a thousand times, but maybe through the power of suggestion, weve missed something major. That is the crux of Dr. Judy Woods work into 9/11. As she walks us through all the actual damage that was done to the WTC

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Fakeologist Listserv

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In my continuing effort to spread fakeology, I’d like to introduce some old technology: email listservs.

Join by sending an email to list-subscribe@fakeologist.com.

Your email address will not be shown to anyone else but me.

Send fakeologist type emails to the server, and it will be published to all on the server and I’ll grab any good content for here.

Also, I’m going to cut disqus for a while and go back to our own native comments. I’ll add an option to leave a comment (held for moderation) if you’re not registered here.

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