Judy loves Nick

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Judy’s making a comeback. Greg seems to have quite a hard on for Judy.

The most interesting thing Judy said was that she loves Copernicus and celebrates his birthday Feb 19 every year. Coincidence that she mentions this in the year of the revival?

Once more I say that Judy bases her entire thesis on a faulty premise: completely fabricated photos and official data.

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Today we ask the big question: ? Weve all seen the footage a thousand times, but maybe through the power of suggestion, weve missed something major. That is the crux of Dr. Judy Woods work into 9/11. As she walks us through all the actual damage that was done to the WTC

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3 thoughts on “Judy loves Nick

  1. B.Mueller

    Judy never really left. Also she never really answered to any serious critics. Where’s Ace Baker? He’s completely gone. I think, from time to time they let some crumbles left for us. Just to see who or how many are gonna pick on them. That’s why weird pictures or videos are still being published. I don’t think, they make any serious mistakes. At least not that many. That “Gorilla on the ISS” video is one example. They need to check, how the majority is reacting to such things.

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