3 thoughts on “It’s a (fake) man baby

  1. Vespadouglas

    MM , the worlds’ foremost debunker and re-writer of science “fact ” , ( a man who doesn’t really read anyone , so that he doesnt corrupt his own independent thinking ) has found a need and the time to plagiarise Jungle Surfer .
    Jungle Surfer !
    The only conclusion I can come to after seeing this , is that Team Mathis is under new management.

    1. tomdalpra

      Well said, Vespa.

      It was the ‘Mark Staycer is John Lennon’ rubbish that he came out with that made it clear to me that Mathis was a wrongun’. Now he’s plagirising Jungle Surfer. Should we be that surprised?

      It wasn’t until the Williams sisters and Michelle Obama’s sexuality were questioned that Jungle Surfer started going mad with his transgender theme. It always struck me as possibly a simple way of discrediting serious investigation there… but I don’t know. Maybe it’s all a load of balls, as it were.

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