Made for CNN special: The JonBenet Ramsey Hoax

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We see now how new series are being funded by Netflix and Hulu, as the MSM media implodes.

Major crime stories are fabricated for CNN by the military media production units. In fact, it’s probably why CNN was created in the first place.

I don’t think Jon Benet was a real person, but I’ll still post this Russianvids for the other ideas.

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4 thoughts on “Made for CNN special: The JonBenet Ramsey Hoax

  1. richard benedict

    “Donald Freed (born 1933) is an American playwright, novelist, screenwriter, and actor….”…

    Freed’s take on Jon Benet

    He wrote books on JFK, RFK and OJ
    The Killing of RFK. New York: Dell, 1975
    Killing Time: The First Full Investigation into the Unsolved Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

    Executive Action with Mark Lane…
    He also wrote this book where discusses PSYOPS in Chile:

    Death in Washington: The Murder of Orlando Letelier.

    This is the book on the topic
    Psychological warfare and media operations in Chile, 1970-1973
    by Fred Simon Landis…

    Freed discusses OJ and Chile PSYOPS in this interview with Stephen Singular who wrote books on OJ,the Auroa Shooting and Jon Benet.[ It is interesting to note that Freed discusses the use of the fear image “quartered man” in Chilean media to scare the citizens ala Jon Benet imagery]…

    Lawrence Schiller wrote books about OJ, Jon Benet, and Sharon Tate…

    Useful article on how fear imagery is used and the vast amount of resources used in PSYOPS e.g. millions of leaflets in Vietnam and billions in WWII against Germany…

    Check out this link to Power Base article about CIA activities in Latin America during 1970’s and 80’s, (particularly Chile, Jamaica, and Nicaragua), to destabilize the regimes of these countries by seizing media outlets and turning them into Psychological Operations Units against the general public.…

    Freed, Singular and Schiller are the characters that ensure the hoaxes stay in the culture. While a tad more prosaic in contrast to Russianvids presentation, the sources provided flesh out the picture, sans Katy Perry.

      1. richard benedict

        @Ab, IMHO, Russianvids is a gatekeeper assigned to jamming the transmissions of a certain demographic. For me, RV tipped his hand with his treatment of the Alex Jones vs. Bill Hicks replacement issue. RV casually stated that the original Alex Jones, featured in the YT video, was a real agent who was replaced by the also real agent Bill Hicks.

        THERE IS NO REASON TO REPLACE A REAL AGENT. Especially when you assert, as RV does, that agent AJ is replaced with agent Bill Hicks.

        Certain shills say “Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks, agent Bill Hicks faked his death and became agent Alex Jones. There was no real Alex Jones, his childhood is faked”.

        But other shills (like Greg Anthony) say ALMOST the same, but with a small variation – that there WAS real Alex Jones who was replaced by Bill Hicks. This version is also fake, since I don’t see Bill Hicks there at all in the replaced Alex Jones. But still there’s more truth in this version, because we know that there WAS real Alex Jones once who was replaced. They don’t say what happened to real Alex after he was replaced, but this is the key thing. THERE WAS A REAL ALEX JONES with a successful public access TV show.

        In the late 1980’s, in the nascent stage of access TV, I was a public access TV host who broadcasted Frank Morrow’s “Alternative Views”…

        By way of bona fides, I can tell you Frank would include in his monthly parcel of tapes this note “I hope this gets by the FBI and the Comanches”

        I have spoken with CIA agent John Stockwell who is featured in the link. I was Phil Agee and Noam Chomsky escort when they spoke in my community. My point is that there were/are REAL people, activists, who rail against the machine. Some become popular and develop a following. Fritz Springmeier in Oregon in the early 1990s was someone who, like the real Alex Jones gained currency and was replaced with an impostor. The impostor takes the message and neutralizes it.

        Russianvids takes a real hoax, like the OJ trial, and throws sand in the gears [sabotage] by showing dubious photo comparisons to discredit the whole idea of replacements/double, among other things. [This what Dallas Goldbug does at wellaware]

        Most of what RV says is true. Hey RV! 98% of rat poison is good for the rat. It the other 2% that is a doosy.

        To prove the OJ trial was a hoax, all one has to do is consider the narrative: OJ climbed the fence behind Kato’s guesthouse, dropped a glove [or uber handsome Mark Furhman planted it there] and emerged from the shadows for a moment to be ID’ by the limo driver before disappearing into the house.

        But wait! There were blood droppings leading from OJ’s bronco to the house, blood drops put there by the nefarious LA homicide detective Phil Van Atta, who had absconded with a vial of OJ’s blood, replete with an incriminating preservative.

        Mark Furhman plants a glove suggesting one path to the house [Remember Kato’s 3 knocks on the guest house wall?] while Phil Van Atta plants a blood trail suggesting another path to the house.

        Such a lethal contradiction in the narrative seals the deal. Guilty of perjury, the discredited Mark Furhman becomes CNN’s premiere police expert, perched next to Jeff Toobin, the legal eagle who wrote a best selling book on the farce.

        This simple refutation eludes the resourceful Russianvids.


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