Who do you know Patricia?

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Look up and left Patricia – look way up – who do you know that was at the Paris hoax event? Sandy Hoax? Boston Bombing? Surely you know someone too that lost 0;someone” on 9/11?

Injecting these ideas into the 0;flat earth” conversation may be the entire role of this “sweet talkin’ woman”.

Simon’s DBA theory.

FireShot Capture 9 - Patricia Steere_Event Skeptic #62. Flat Earth _ - https___www.youtube.com_watch

Other than that, the guy from Toronto seems pleasant.

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el sushi de la mancha
6 years ago

The same old rabbit trail manoeuvre at work. Time will tell, who knows, that character known as Patricia Steere might just be another Jesuit trained disinfo agent…

el sushi de la mancha
6 years ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

These video conferences plus the video editing part are super time consuming indeed and that makes you wonder if some if these characters are really doing for FREE. Unless you happen to be a very passionate and dedicate individual but aren’t these people part of a minority nowadays?