Audiochat-Rollo, Xile, Ab

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Rollo opens up the audio with a chat with Xilefflix.

I later join in and discuss the Toronto school slasher event that happened at my local school.


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2 thoughts on “Audiochat-Rollo, Xile, Ab

  1. Black Dog

    Sophia Smallstorm’s take on these “shooting” “stabbing” phenomenon, ‘events’ are the best I’ve heard so far:…

    Glad we can comment again ..with more ease.

    There’s one problem with this audio chat.. that I had to fast forward through (..or should have more than I did).. and that’s the enablers enabling this.

    … Ruinous to all. The enabled seemingly always potentially brilliant people regardless negated. This is the paradox we endure since the Mesopotamia undoing of nature and the rise of the farmer cult. Fakeologist, one of the few portals where one can find some truth and this is the best we can do? No wonder we are losing past participants (Delcrux, John Bonbon, and Simon Shackled), hell even Mojo Mayhem brought more than Ruckus Rollo’s seemingly endless debauchery, with his state sponsored alter ego steering him into submission.

    Per Delcroix’s Outside Radio promotion of the ITEL Radio Show… Yes, this ‘seems’ to ‘gate keep’.. even Delcroix.. one might conclude may be stuck at this ‘gate’ that many seem to get stuck at (coincidentally, also, with a bottle of conspiracy against self in hand!) … But we should consider all analysis anyway (there are many things to consider at this gate). I do side with Ab’s pointing above and beyond the usual suspects though, but his trepidation to even discuss ..the gate, I assume is thanks to his dear Canadian government restricting his free speech, our lovely new world order, only slightly different over here in the USA, less restricted (at this point anyway), although it is effectively just as restricted through our self-policing, thanks to years of media mind manipulation (programming).

    You see, I police myself, why? Well, we have to get the terminolgy down, as all races, religions, creeds are part and parcel, connected, linked, infiltrated.

    We do need to identify our enemy, this is a big problem. To name one race is out! Racialism is natural but no root cause of world strife.

    Religion? Yes, a problem. But which one is true above the other? Ha, none. Which one is the problem? All. Obviously all infiltrated at this point.. it seems logic has been dispensed with (undermined, ‘cut off at the pass’, disposed of, thwarted, sabotaged, derailed). Similar to our upcoming US presidential election, ‘here’s your choices we made for you’.. Is Trump worse than Hillary, vice versa? At least there isn’t a #!@%!!! law prohibiting us from critiquing them, ..yet.

    Regardless, we are predominately European/Christian here.. and if we have a chance of rallying for anything it would be from there. Of course we would need to battle the current imposter church.. (or join those already doing so) and reign things back in line with current truth, exposing the current facade deceiving the multitude. Jesus would.

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