How to fake a virus

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Again, I believe that the whole concept of virology is false.

I’ve spoken privately with many reporters over the years. They admit they know what lines they can cross and what lines they can’t, what stories the can write and what stories they can’t, if they want to keep their jobs. Forcefully contradicting what WHO or the CDC says about the cause of a disease is crossing the line.

Source: How the media promote fake research on viruses « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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I am wondering what do you mean by unhygienic?

Please be aware that I have spent a considerable time contemplating your question upon this, hence the later reply.

Being hygienic obviously supports the notion of ‘cleanliness’.

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8 thoughts on “How to fake a virus

  1. Barbara Miller

    the German Biologists Stefan Lanka promised 100000 Eur reward for a clean scientific proof of a documented isolation of the measles virus. A David Bardem sued him and brought 6 documents in front of the jury from different decades of the past claiming to be scientific papers documenting such isolation. Lanka won the trial. The Jury explaind: Stefan Lanka wanted only one document, Bardem brought six documents which does not fulfill Lankas condition. As we all know: 6!=1. q.e.d.

    1. ab Post author

      Without virology, how do symptoms we call chicken pox or measles pass between proximate human beans? I need an explanation for skeptics of my claims.

      1. Barbara Müller

        such things never happened. There never was any documented infection. Every sickness is an individual thing. It is caused by shock, malnutrition or poison only. You cannot get yourself infected from somebody’s sickness as you cannot get infected with his broken leg.

          1. Barbara Müller

            what today is being diagnosed as chicken pox is not the same thing than it was after the war, where people burned hard coal for heating. today it does not require any symptoms at all to be diagnosed. The virus tests work that way. I’m having four children myself, living within many families with small children and never heard of any chickenpox case since my own childhood. Our pediatrician neither. I had chickenpox as a child in the 60-s back then. We were burning hard coal in every room. There is a strong evidence that chicken pox was just a skin allergy against the fine dust from burning the hard coal where children were sleeping. Those chicken pox parties seem to be an invention of Big Pharma itself. I never attended any and don’t know anybody who did.

            1. Hare Brain

              I got chicken pox in the late 70s. If this theory is true, what are sexually transmitted diseases? And don’t condoms prevent most of them?

              1. Barbara Müller

                I only heard or read of sexual transmitted “diseases”, never got any, don’t know anybody who did. Did you heat your house with hard coal back then, when you got sick? Chicken pox disappeared after central heating replaced the old coal oven almost completely and then the vaccine came on the market. All vaccines always came after the sickness disappeared

                1. Hare Brain

                  I’ve known people who said they had stds like herpes or genital warts (hpv). I knew a girl who was a virgin and then contracted herpes and hpv after becoming sexually active.

                  We had central heating.

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