Hoaxbusterscall.com interview

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One of Chris’ best interviews.

I agree with Frank that Chris is one of the most important analysts in the media world.

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21 thoughts on “Hoaxbusterscall.com interview

  1. Tom Dalpra

    JFK being Carter is an old strawman. Strangely compelling for a moment, I remember, years back, ha, but, clearly bullshit. As legitimately laughable as a good strawman argument should be.

    JFK was six feet tall, 1.83 metres tall. – one cm taller than George Dub’ya Bush.
    Carter is 5.9 feet 1.75 metres
    One can only ask – did they shave JFK’s legs down for the part of Carter ?
    It simply doesn’t work, does it ?

    1. stephen

      Mud – Cut Across Shorty:

      You say JFK can’t be Carter because they are different heights? Who provided you the height information?

      “At 8:46 a.m. five hijackers crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the northern façade of the World Trade Center’s North Tower (1 WTC), and at 9:03 a.m. another five hijackers crashed United Airlines Flight 175 into the southern façade of the South Tower (2 WTC)”

      Therefore the twin towers were hit by two planes or missiles or laser beams at 8:46 and 9:03, correct?

      You say JFK can’t be Carter because he is 8cm taller than Carter?

      “The age old trick though is that of shorter actors resorting to wearing either lifts, or specially designed elevator shoes that can give them anywhere from 1-3 inches advantage in height. In the case of Humphrey Bogart, in one film at least, he donned literally 5 inch wooden blocks to his own shoes so he could tower over others in many shots. If you ever spot Bogart looking near 6ft in a film where his shoes can’t be seen in a shot, now you know why.”

      There are other tricks, “Making Short Stars Tall”:

      Carter was apparently born October 1, 1924, JFK May 29, 1917 so they can’t be the same person, correct? So why resort to their apparent heights?

      Why do you present a photo line up of US presidents that doesn’t include JFK? Are you saying Carter is JFK! You must be, legitimately laughably, nuts.

      “Dr. Evil & Mini Me – Hard Knock Life HD”:

      “Short People got no reason
      Short People got no reason
      Short People got no reason
      To live”

      The Class Sketch – The Frost Report:

      The Two Ronnies – 2000 Today:

      “They walk around
      Tellin’ great big lies
      They got little noses
      And tiny little teeth
      They wear platform shoes
      On their nasty little feet”

      Randy Newman – Short People [SUB ITA]:

  2. Ed Chiarini

    If you choose to fall for the actor based reality that’s fine with me. I stated many times I might not be right about them all but being right about one is all that is needed to prove the actor based reality exists and out of the over 6000 investigations I can assure you I’m right about more than just one. If you want to debate then contact me. If you want to attack me personally be ready because I do bite back.

    1. stephen

      Ed Chiarini is Mister Goldbug, is that right? Just out of interest why are you called Dallas Goldbug? It seems strange and I don’t get it.

      Anyway on the subject of Mr Goldy’s claims, whilst I don’t really know his work, I’ve come across bits and pieces over the years, I don’t understand why some people here, at Fakeologist, are so dismissive. What is so bizarre about actors playing, multiple, different roles for different presentations? 9-11 was a movie, JFK was a movie, Apollo was a movie, Boston Bombing was a live-action theatrical extravaganza, a circus.

      Of the claims I’ve heard, and slightly looked into, though they may or may not originate with Goldiddle, Bill Hicks/Jones and Kennedy/Carter I find compelling; if very pushed I’d state, yes, Hicks being Jones.

      What’s so odd about the position of some here is they will pontificate the most tenuous, boozy, almost psychotic, claims as fact in one breath then dismiss something like Hicks/Jones, with its intriguing coincidences, as ridiculous in the other; and subsequently adding paranoid denouncing of genuine questions as blobs of deception. I saw something similar with the not-ball-earth discussion. I see a lack of consistency.

  3. richard benedict

    Errata: Episode 10 not 9. The original interview with Chris Kendall. Internet gold:


    What I found most valuable with the early “Wake Up With Ab” interviews is listening to the guests tell their stories of how they arrived at their awakening. Along with Ab’s introductory monologues, I found the process of listening to the guests detail their thought processes so edifying I do not think I overstate its importance.

      1. richard benedict

        As Spock would say, “Acknowledged.’

        Seriously, I believe that if Bob, Jeran, and Morgile, as in interview you had with them here [h/t Unreal] listened to Chris’s interview they would understand the point you were making about Judy Wood and the error of their ways.


        Chris does a great job of explaining his journey through the gatekeepers. It resonates with me because path was so similar to his. He explains beautifully the function of characters like Rense, Alex jones, et al. the function and how one works his way through them as you develop understanding.

        I also enjoyed how Chris explained that he was adamant, 100% convinced, the towers could not have fallen in the manner they had. His description of the his isolation as everyone around him disagreed is also important for fakeologists. I went through the same experience as I tried to get people to understand a simple truth: 4 commercial airliners would not simultaneously veer from their computerized flight paths and nothing happen. 2 jetliners would not fly into New York skyscrapers and 45 minutes later, another one casually fly into the Pentagon with no Air Force response. It is impossible. Impossible. Washington D.C. has air defenses.

        Yet there is the isolation Chris describes.

        If jeran, et. al. would listen to this complete interview, imho, they would find their questions answered as they moved through the interview. imho, it is important for people to see the stages one goes through, the logic used, to get to the final destination.

              1. richard benedict

                Sorry…I was away from my computer. I will have to do it some time in the near future. I am not prepared right now. I would have to get a head set and mic, etc. I will let you know. I am looking forward to it.

    1. anounceofsaltperday

      The reason I got involved with Fako was because of my TOTAL dissatisfaction with the way this site deals with Dallasgoldbug. Once again, his work is dismissed with a “muddies the waters” argument… which must be the new catchphrase to replace “poisons the well”.

      Ed has agreed to make himself available to discuss his work on THIS site and on Hoaxbusters.

      I won’t pull any punches here. By throwing “muddy waters” at the man without taking up the opportunity to go through your criticisms with him totally discredits your views on this topic in my eyes.

      I would also posit that there are many other readers of this site that share my views and who would be metaphorically salivating at their fake mouths at the thought of such a podcast being made.

      BTW.. what are your thoughts on the “vacuum of space” ?

      1. richard benedict

        “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”
        Alexander Pope

        @Frank, as I am the author of the “muddies the water” remark, please allow me to elaborate. I first came across DGB during the Casey Anthony trial. DGB argued that many of the principals in the case e.g. the judge, Casey, etc. were actually members of the Pima County Sheriff’s department. For evidence, DGB presented photo comparisons. You know the drill.

        I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and trust that you do not know much about the subject of replacements/ doubles. As for Mr. Ed, I am not so sure.

        Perhaps you know Mr. Ed. If so, please remind him that the subject is not funny. It is not cute. It is not some parlor game. Explore the evidentiary path I provided in my post below, then come back and we will talk.

        1. anounceofsaltperday

          I am familiar with the Pima County work that Ed presents. Since I have failed to disprove it, and since it fits in with my world view, i am nonplussed about your comments. Have you dsiproved the Pima County claims? Ed;s view is that many county, state and federal electees do not use their real names when nominating for the ballot, and that this loophole in US law should be closed. Makes sense to me.

          The links you provide took me to the gloomy devil world of Alistair Crowley. I, for one, have little doubt that this is a fictional character. Whenever you are ready, lets discuss. It would make an interesting audio chat and I have no doubt that i will learn a great deal from you.

          1. richard benedict

            “…the gloomy devil world of Aleister Crowley.”

            Aleister Crowley? No, that’s not it. I am afraid you have fell victim to what is called in espionage a “slide’. A “slide” is a truth that has been warped just slightly to take an investigative person into a dead end. Here Miles Mathis is half right: at times, the Crowely/satanism slide is used to hide the true nature of the phenomena.

            The clues are there but they have eluded you my friend. Email Markus. Perhaps he can help.

                1. anounceofsaltperday

                  Nah… you are just doing some pathetic power play. If you wont’ say what you mean then I can happily disregard you as a pseudo mystic.

                  Prove that Walt is not Adolf.

  4. Frank McManus

    In fact, my view is that Chris is the most INFLUENTIAL of commentators of the moment… what he talks about on his show becomes the skeleton for a plethora of other podcasts.

    So it is particularly interesting to me that Chris has come down so decisively in favour of a spherical earth simply on the basis of a few aeroplane flights. Similarly, Chris has moved from a relatively tolerant position with respect to dallasgoldbug of wellaware1.com to an openly hostile position.

    As i unequivocally demonstrate in my blog, howtotakecareofyourpenis.wordp… , the model that the earth is a sphere surrounded by an atmosphere held by gravity in the limitless near perfect vacuum of space is disproved.

    With regard to dallasgoldbug, Ed Chiarinni has agreed to make himself available to discuss his work with Chris at any time.

    Interesting times….

    1. richard benedict

      I would recommend anyone new to fakeology to search the archives for Ab’s original interview with Chris. I believe it is episode 9. Along with this classic interview with smj,


      In these two discursive interviews , one is treated with the unassailable logic of the titans of fakeology: Chris Kendall, Ab Irato and SMJ. Go to the archives of Chris’s show and listen to any early broadcast, [ along with Ab’s early radio interviews], one quickly earns a Ph. D. in fakeology.

      @Frank, IMHO, Mr. Goldbug muddies the water regarding the reality of replacements/ doubles. If you and Mr. Ed would care to, here is an evidentiary path you both may explore. At the end of it, you will find out one reason it is done.






      In memory of Nancy Spungen

      Marshall Bruce Mathers III and his replacement are featured on attachment.

      1. ab Post author

        Thank you Richard for your kind recall of some of my earlier work. I agree with you DGB does nothing to help and everything to confuse.

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