7 thoughts on “Satellites Are Fake – Just Another NASA Hoax

  1. Barbara Müller

    they maybe exaggerate the number but tv satellites are real. We are using dishes since the late 80-s. They had to be pointed at certain angle and position no matter where you live. We moved once over 1000km to other part of Germany and our dish still had to be aimed almost at the same position. I never heard of any other explanation how such constant broadcast of signals can work if there are no satellites out there. Signals within some 10-12 GHz range cannot be send over bigger distance via earth antennas for they are very sensitive to disturbance. TV-Satellites have to overcome only some 30-50km of the lower atmosphere. All above is almost vacuum. So the official theory. I never heard any better explanation.

      1. UNreal

        It could also be that we have geostationary airships that serve as “satellites” over the continents in high altitude. If these stations are high enough up in the air and in the right colour/material, they would be invisible,, or when they are seen, we might mistake them for UFO’s,,, this might have started from 1947 and onwards (10 years after the Hindenburg disaster).

        made a topic on this possibility here: fakeologist.com/forums/topic/a…

      2. Barbara Müller

        actually I did read CF and I am still not convinced. I think, it’s probably not a big deal to put a satellite on a certain orbit. Maybe it only takes to reach a certain speed at the start to reach a certain altitude . That’s what the almost forgotten “cosmic speed” meant back then. They may exaggerate the prices of such launches and maybe they are putting new fresh satellites every month or so and the old ones just fall down and burn what we occasionally see as “meteorites”. It is still a better and simpler explanation than invisible towers or metallic clouds. Just buy yourself an antenna and play with it a little bit. Everyone can do it from a balcony. the broadcast is constant, day and night and works the same in empty areas, where there are no airplanes flying, heaven is clean, not much people living, etc. There is no other technology for such things.

    1. Vespadouglas

      The official “almost vacuum ” theory is provided by official satellite scientists , who provide satellite signal theory . There is very thin air above us , that much we know .
      What evidence is there , that a vacuum exists above us ?

      1. Barbara Müller

        the air gets thinner very fast the higher you climb as Mount Everest climbers have proved for sure. And it’s only 8km high. The vacuum above does not have to be perfect. We assume, above 50km high there is a very thin atmosphere which still can burn everything which comes down from above with sufficient speed. Also you can watch some iridium satellites or that fake ISS (as I did many times) and that’s not airplanes, much higher than any airplane, much bigger (reflect more light) and much faster also. I didn’t see any details of course and it was hard to follow with binocular because of its speed. But still something is flying over there, very high and very fast. Iridium satellites you can photograph easily on clean nights. They light on for a couple of seconds which airplanes cannot do.

        1. psyopticon

          For christ’s sake! Is this a thread of joke comments? It’s very true that microwave signals cannot penetrate the earth’s atmosphere. A fact which blows a hole not only in the Satellite Hoax, but also in the NA$A nonsense of receiving radio signals from distant galaxies.

          Radio signals are “attenuated” to nothing when entering the ionosphere at a normal angle. A fact which in itself proves that the science of “satellite” communication is bunkum.

          The ionosphere is an ionised, or electrically-charged layer of the atmosphere. Signals supposedly transmitted from 30,000 km altitude, the supposed orbital distance of “satellites” in the Clarke Belt, could never penetrate the ionosphere,

          However, the ionosphere does have a fascinating property. It “refracts” radio signals back down to earth when they are fired from earth into the ionosphere layer at a very acute angle. That property is known as “ionospheric refraction” – and is the basis for all “satellite” comms .

          The basics of ionospheric refraction were understood over 100 years ago now. Marconi and other before him had worked it out. From sending radio signals thousands of miles across the Atlantic, without line-of-sight. They realised without line of sight, the signals must be bouncing off something. Bouncing off the clouds and the sea maybe?

          However, by carefully timing the signal – by subtracting the time the radio signal was transmitted from the time the signal was received – it was possible to establish its point of refraction was in the ionosphere, and the altitude the refraction was taking place.

          That technique is known as ionosonde probing; it’s crucial to “satellite” comms still today. It establishes the refractive height of the ionosphere; which varies according to the signal frequency, the time of day, earth temperature; season; latitude (distance from the equator); sunspot cycle; and other facation which affect the electron density. It’s a complex and hidden science.

          So in a nutshell, “satellites” are an obvious hoax – and definitely no explanation is found in the Hindenberg / Zeppelin Airship (!) – a hoax in itself.

          All “satellite-based” technologies – including broadcast satellite TV, satellite radio and internet as well as GPS – are ground-based and rely on “ionospheric refraction”.

          Whereas satellite imagery – e.g. weather system ‘photos’ and Google Earth images – are either photos taken using high-altitude conventional aircraft; or are computer generated images (CGI).


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