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Update: Simon’s convinced this is all orchestrated.

Caught again with their pants down, space fakers, children’s dream stealers.

Good to have all of the UK watching for mistakes now that their man is busy faking it.


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20 thoughts on “Na$abusters

  1. simonshack


    I tried my best not to sound pompous or condescending – since these are attitudes that I cannot stand myself. All I wish for is to let me share my personal thoughts here on your site – and I’m glad that you let me do so. Sure, I have allowed myself to criticize your constant promotion of NASA’s Flat Earth psyop – because I firmly believe – with good reason – that this is exactly what it is: a NASA psyop.

    That’s all.

    peace and luv to all good fakeologists 🙂


    1. ab Post author

      I think your passion sometimes comes across the wrong way. I’m happy to host your words here though.

      1. simonshack

        I would appreciate to hear from you what you mean by :

        “I think your passion sometimes comes across the wrong way”

        I hope you’re not implying that my reasoning is “blinded by passion” – or something like that. I really am all ears as to your feelings / interpretation with regards to what you seem to think is blinding me in any way. Would it be too much to ask if you could elaborate on this?



      2. tomdalpra

        Excellent. We know how these impassioned text dialogues can easily become fractious .

        Personally, I’m comfortable calling ‘FE’ a ‘NASA PsyOp’ of 2015.

        If I have problems with fakeologist. a good example would be with
        this post, right here, standing on the front page of the site.
        Whilst the ensuing comments debunked the claim and exposed it as the con it was, the original post still stands unedited.
        Ab you’re a happy amateur, as far as I know, and you can get round to editing it, or not, when/if ever you want. It’s just I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it being up there as presented if it was my site.
        It’s as if you’ve fallen for the con.
        And, how many casual visitors to the site will just read the post, watch a couple of youtubes and go away to excitedly spout completely debunkable stuff about blue screens and NASA fakery ?
        This is not cool as far as I see it. It is, certainly to an extent, falling for the NASA PSyoP.

        No big deal, but this naturally happens quite a lot here as a reflection of some of the ‘popular’ alternative media you post and your open-minded, laid-back, generally non-confrontational manner, perhaps! I don’t mind as I have ample chance to discuss things and find enough, sanity and like=minded people around here to make it a pleasure.
        I’m fine with it, but I can see Simon’s point.

  2. Vespadouglas

    It’s a double bluff . Spoon fed . Peake may have pretty much taken a ” did he didn’t he “dive so that any msm/ joe public fakery talk would be about , just Tim Peake . ” yes peake might have been faking it , we’ll never know for sure ” they’ll say . ” but the other two were on space station for sure . George Bush was talking to them “.
    Peake comes home to 50% snigger and 50% hero and a wee medallion from the queen.

  3. Vespadouglas

    I’m quite sure that this is being fed to us . Peake was put there to be found . Whether he was genuinely found or whether he was leaked , I think is the relevant question . Who was this discovered by or who was this leaked to ?

  4. tomdalpra

    ‘They’re doing it on purpose, aren’t they ?

    It seems so blatant. Would they really make a blunder this obvious ?
    You know, during the visit of an ex president ?

      1. tomdalpra


        I wonder, that with the FE card clearly having been played last year, we saw a popular surge in people debunking NASA and calling out their fakery.
        Once, not very long ago, the only place I read about ISS fakery was in the fascinating inquiry at Cluesforum.
        Now look at it. It’s gone mainstream.

        I wonder, is this just normalising NASA fakery in the alternative?
        We know that once it’s gone mainstream it’s all under control.

        You can’t get much more mainstream alternative than a ”great revelation’ being staged with George Bush Snr in a wheelchair as a bit player.

    1. Terran Downvale

      I can pretty much guarantee that this “green screen” background grid will be “debunked” at some point after the disinfo “goes viral.” Smells like a trap, just like those Virginia shooting floorboards. Be careful with this one, Ab. And pay attention to who’s pushing this. Peekay and others did the same thing with the Paris “firecracker” lady which was also conveniently “debunked” later. Peekay also pushed the bogus “two takes” theory in the Virginia shooting footage and made it go viral. Lesta LEGITIMATELY debunked that one. Encouraging us to reject events for the WRONG REASONS is one of the lie systems most devious tactics.

        1. tomdalpra

          Ha, that was quick.

          It did seem an unlikely error.
          I suppose that blue screen is deliberately employed to blur the lines anyway.

          1. simonshack

            Ab wrote:
            “What? Jeff C. is right. So he is. Next!”

            What a very disappointing / mindless comment, Ab. Can you really, really not see what’s going on? In any case, playing dumb – or posting such curt & vapid comments – is not going to help any of your (new and old) readers to see right through this ongoing DBA-campaign (Discredit-By-Association) launched some time ago by NASA’s propaganda / damage-control department. For those who may not know what I’m talking about, here’s a link to my NASA FLAT EARTH DBA STRATEGY thread at Cluesforum:


            As expected, this DBA campaign (what with its ever-growing armada of phony yet slick Youtube ‘cutting-edge truther’ channels who’ve kept popping out of nowhere like mushrooms – ALL of them mixing Flat Earth creed with righteous NASA disbelief) is proving so far quite effective in its obvious purpose : to associate, in the general public’s psyche, folks who question NASA with those “kooky / tinfoil hat / piss-poor video-fakery-green-screen-researchers who, btw, all believe the world is flat”.

            If you think that it would seem dubious that NASA would spend so much effort in such a ‘trivial’ Youtube-based campaign targeting a restrict young audience of alternative thinkers, please think again: the prime target of this psyop is – of course – precisely the younger generations (and free-thinking brains) of this world. Also – and as we’ve seen over and over again – whenever the aforementioned armada of YT channels take on / dabble with the 9/11 hoax – they ‘conveniently’ revive old spooks such as Judy Wood and the like – as if they’d never heard of the 9/11 image fakery exposed by September Clues / Cluesforum over the years. Yet, they are ALL ‘aware’ of NASA’s massive image fakery? Only once – as far as I know – has Cluesforum ever been briefly mentioned by an “FE fan channel” (that of Hot Potato girl) – and what Potato girl had to say was that “Cluesforum is disinfo’…

            But forget 9/11 : Cluesforum has also been – ever since 2009 – been comprehensively exposing the GREAT NASA FRAUD day after day, week after week, and month after month – well, almost 24/7 for the last six or seven years. And yes, we were certainly the very first website / information outlet in world history to do so. Could you, Ab, possibly suspect me / accuse me of just being miffed (out of a sore ego) at seeing our collective / longstanding efforts at Cluesforum being completely and consistently ignored by the above-mentioned armada of “YT truthers” – which you keep promoting regularly on your site – on a regular basis?

            Anyhow, it would now appear that NASA’s Flat Earth op is “coming in for the kill” – as they say. To be sure, this latest ‘fiasco’ (what with the ‘Tim Peake-bluescreen-seen-behind-Bush-senior’s-visit-to-NASA-control-room) was ‘instigated’ (on March 1 – two days ago) by none other than ‘flat-earther’ David Weiss:

            It was also mirrored and loudly applauded (on March1 – the same day) by none other than the “Paulstal Service” – an entity which has been ‘stalking’ yours truly for many years :

            As it is, I alerted you to the “Paulstal Service” entity already back in 2012, Ab – remember?

            Of course, it would be unduly ‘presumptuous’ of me to suspect that …

            1: The “Paulstal Service” moniker is meant to ‘spoof’ the name of my music band, “The Social Service”… (and that the same entity also named itself “Norway Research” at some stage) …

            2. That the “Flat Earth CLUES” website was named so as to ‘associate it’ with CLUESforum …

            3: That “JohnLeBon” (the FE clown who contends that there are NO SHILLS online – just well-meaning / if misdirected people) chose his nickname – as someone has suggested (not me!) because it evokes ‘Simon Le Bon’. In fact, a surprising amount of people I have met in my life have immediately replied: “Oh, your first name is Simon? Just like Simon Le Bon?”

            Ab, I hope you’ll sincerely appreciate this post of mine: I’m doing my very best to hold on to the idea that you are not ‘on board’ with the various phony entities / YT channels mentioned above. If you are, I can only tip my hat to your impressively charming and laid-back manner of going about your job.

            peace and respect – no matter what 🙂


            1. UNreal

              hi Simon, in the FE mouvement, the Jeranism/Globebusters channel often have mentionned you website (with praise). unfortunately they seem enamoured with J Wood too, but Ab challenged these Globebusters in his interview back in december last year*.

              as you mention in your post, Clues is not the only target as the FE mouvement heavily focus on the young as well as the YT crowd. by YT crowd i think might want to figure in that with the avent of the mobile internet, there is also a new public altogether that now started investing the web and (superficial?) research with their mobile devices.

              i think we face a Tar Baby strategy more-so than a Clues DBA campaign

              the subject of the shape of the earth is not what is the most important in the efforts made as i guess you would agree upon, but the fact that they can isolate speculation in an effective way through this theme which is a “known unknown” and an old battlehorse with the rhetoric already well in place. if we mistake in the goal of this operation with the subject at hand, some will unfortunately discard legitimate questions and draw conclusions without providing (or requiring) evidence. as of now we do not even have real footage or imagery of the earth from high altitude to prove the oblate spinning spheroid we are on. NASA has proven itself to be profoundly dishonest leading the public to believe in fairytales and false science. with the fake imagery of earth NASA has produced, we must assume something is (very) wrong with the model they have served us.


              1. Barbara Müller

                dear fakeologist, by all means, we must not assume the earth is flat just because NASA faked their pictures. The concept of a globe within a system of other globes called solar system is much older than NASA. Did you ever watched the big spot on Jupiter moving? Takes less than half an hour to see that. Or the Jupiter moons changing their position during the night? Does not require any expensive equipment just a binocular, good weather, some time and patience. How do you explain that?

            2. ab Post author

              Have you heard of the idiom “with friends like these, who needs enemies?” I most resent your condescending tones here at MY site. I can understand them at your site, but show some respect at my house if you don’t mind.

              I see nothing wrong with what I said about Jeff C. He was correct when he said that it appears that the shill army, as you see it, jumped on the wrong (if not accidental) bait laid out in the GHWB Nasa/ESA video. That’s all I said. I don’t see anything mindless or pointless about that.

              Not everyone sees things as clearly as you. In fact, almost no-one at all, by your account. As I’ve told my children, just because a teacher is very smart, doesn’t make them a good teacher. In fact, some of the most intelligent teachers are lousy at imparting their knowledge to others. They can’t understand why their students flunk, and are often insulted at the lack of comprehension of their imperial wisdom.

              Don’t be that teacher Simon. We’re all trying to figure this out. One or two people in the world isn’t going to make any difference holding your knowledge. Be patient and help others get to your level.

              Peace and love.

              Otherwise you’ll appear as pompous – and we know you aren’t that, right?

            3. simonshack

              Funny innit?

              Within ONE HOUR or so that I posted the above link to the Paulstal Service video (which loudly applauded David Weiss’ “damning” find of the ‘Tim Peake bluescreen-behind-Bush-senior’s-visit-to-NASA-control-room) – it has now been removed from public view. If you click on it, you’ll find a message that says: “THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE”…

              Ah well – I guess it’s just purely coincidental… (*rolleyes*)


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