Medical stories conceal the truth

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The art of storytelling is very very powerful – On Zika for example.

There is nothing new about what is happening in Brazil. Various types of brain damage in children have been endemic for a very long time.

Researchers there, and at the World Health Organization, are fully aware of this. At the moment, they’re using the cover story of “Zika virus” to obscure the truth. To obscure the causes. To obscure the criminals. It’s business as usual.

This truth can be traced in many places. In parts of Africa, for example, grinding poverty, malnutrition and starvation, contaminated water supplies, lack of basic sanitation, overcrowding, toxic medical treatments, stolen land, and pesticides combine to twist and destroy human life.

The men in charge, locally and far away, have purposely maintained the population in this state—and whenever they have felt the need to divert attention from the truth, they’ve concocted a medical cover story: a virus, a sudden “outbreak”—such as Zika.

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1 thought on “Medical stories conceal the truth

  1. Barbara Müller

    those stories lost their power already. Such things do not scare people anymore. And especially in case of Africa, what do we know for sure? Are there really any people living in all those former 3-d world countries? No real people can visit this places. Tourists can only go to places like Namibia. Those news are fake and also the counter news are fake. There are no viruses for nobody ever isolated and analyzed one. There also is no disease which can spread. They don’t do mass poisoning anymore, which was the main cause of people getting sick in large numbers in the past. They don’t put the poisonous waste into rivers anymore. They use chemtrails for it now or declare it as radioactive trash.

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