Audiochat-Tom Dalpra, Rollo, Ab

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1 thought on “Audiochat-Tom Dalpra, Rollo, Ab

  1. richard benedict

    I enjoyed listening to everyone.

    @Rollo, I listened to the show you mentioned with Frank McManus and the attendant Fakeologist bashing.…

    The host did pay Ab a compliment by saying Ab is willing to post material arguing more than just the ball earth vs. flat earth dialectic. The host was elaborating on this maxim;
    “The definition of the alternatives is the supreme instrument of power.”

    But that is not why I am writing. After listening to Frank talk intelligently for 2 hours, he casually states Adolf Hitler was actually a cleverly costumed Walt Disney [per Dallas Goldbug]. The host promptly, [and correctly, imho] states this appears far fetched. With my equilibrium restored, I found myself aligning with the host and agreeing with his points about the shape of the earth. That is until the host said we have about 3 or 4 moons and a couple of suns. The true number is uncertain, the host is quick to point out, because of a “veil” or cloaking device…

    So Rollo, I once again found myself asking the eternal question: Is there anyone in this world who isn’t a nut?

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