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So easy to believe

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9/11, JFK, Sandy Hoax, Boston Bombings – why do people fall for false narratives? Dilbert’s dad offers a profound thought, one that I cannot find referenced elsewhere.

Scot Adams made this fascinating point:“The things that really capture peoples’ imaginations are the things that are false” because if you have a news story that says “a politician’s budget doesn’t add up”, people say “that’s nothing, that’s not news, that’s not new”. But if you say “maybe he waited a nonosecond too long to denounce the ‘KKK’, well probably that’s based on something that’s not real – he’s probably not a racist – he probably has some reason he paused, who knows, maybe it was his earpiece or he was just thinking of something else. But the things that capture the imagination are the things that are most likely to “not be true” because that’s what makes it interesting – its the (hand bites dog story).

Source: March 7th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion Thread | The Last Refuge

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Be the 1st to vote.

Every number in this clip is occult (adding up to 9 or 11 specifically).

It’s interesting that I was just questioning the whole nature of disease, including viri and bacteria. Can you “catch” a disease at all?

Are there such things as “germs”?

I posted on that briefly here.

A rare blood infection has killed 18 people across Wisconsin — and officials have no idea where it’s coming from.Federal and state investigators are working to pinpoint the source of the outbreak of Elizabethkingia, a bacterial bloodstream infection.

Source: Rare blood infection kills 18 in Wisconsin – NY Daily News

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The title of this post is the name of the bacteria that all of you have for just reading this site. Pass it on.

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