Toronto high school slasher

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This story has hit close to home – literally.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before a suspicious media event landed on my doorstep. This one involved my child, and began on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016.

I wasn’t certain if I was going to post this, since it’s full of conflicts for a fakeologist. How far do I go to bring my personal life into this site? It’s been four years since I began my psyOps investigations, and I’ve opted to remain fairly anonymous to protect my family. They, like most others, are not full fakeologists so they aren’t interested in being tarred with my out-of-society views. It’s their choice, since social acceptance is the paramount of human existence. Outside the herd, we’re on a lonely and tough road.

I have no doubt Canada’s CSEC knows who I am and my postings – it is their job after all to formulate and monitor dissent, ie. anyone questioning the mainstream narrative. There’s the odd internet detective that has dug up some unprotected information and used it to threaten those around me, but for the most part, most people (relatives included) couldn’t care less about who I am or what I say. What do I or anyone talking about the system we are in have to fear? Someone has to 0;start the conversation” about those that confiscate 50% of the money they “give us”.

That said, this Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 I received a call from my mother, who winters in , asking what school my daughter goes to. I told her, and she said her school was on the national Canadian news. The school was in lock down, and a slasher was on the loose.

Note that at this point, all the normal ways of learning about a dangerous event at my child’s school were bypassed: no text, no email, no automated phone call – nothing. Instead I am learning this from the national news from someone 4000 kms away.

Since my mother is thoroughly indoctrinated with the official media fear campaign, I helped dissect the story, confident it was another unannounced drill.

The event began at 8:32 – the minute my daughter arrived at school. The Canadian Broadcast Channel news was reporting it within 15 minutes. The police were there within two minutes (they may have an permanent officer on duty, sad to say). Upon arrival, my daughter saw a person with two bars (what she thought were batons) in her hands at the end of the hall. She also saw a group of children towards her, mostly laughing. She thought little of it. She then proceeded to her locker, at which time a teacher went by screaming “run, close the doors, she has a knife”. A few moments later, my daughter and her friend were with a few feet of this girl.

It was at this point the girl stopped and looked down the hall the other way. She had a black coat on, and a kitchen/butcher knife in each hand. My daughter and her friend froze in place, since this is not a normal situation for them. A few seconds later, the girl skipped her way down the hall, towards the other end of the school.

At this point, my daughter, a junior fakeologist, is thinking more survival than “is this fake?”. She noted that there was no blood, no red dye, or any indication the knives were used to injure. Two days later (Thursday) she was told there was blood on a locker near hers that appeared to have been cleaned off – that she didn’t see the day of or the day after the event.

The next moment, my daughter was grabbed by another teacher, who emerged from an office nearby, and told to get in the office and do all the shelter in place things that you’re supposed to do. For the next three hours there were no p.a. announcements, no communication. Everything the 50 students stuffed into an office learned was from the computer in the office connected to the news websites. Rumors were flying via text (how millennials communicate) about who and what was happening. Again: no official announcements – just (controlled) media via their phones and school computers.

The lockdown ended at 11:11(!), and the official number settled on 9(!)(now 8) teachers and students being hurt, but none seriously.

Suspicious facts that are emerging about the case, making it appear more staged than just suspicious.

  • the girl (who we cannot officially know, but whose name is known among the children) only arrived four months ago. There is no school picture of her because pictures are taken in September (was she a plant? an actor? a real troubled child recruited?)
  • the girl comes from a broken home, and wrote fairly well written blog posts the day before. This is a common element of staged events. The level of writing was atypical of a dysfunctional 14 year old, and more typical of a highly literate adult script writer posing as a teenager.
  • Pink shirt day, or anti-bullying day/week, is scheduled for Feb 24 (children are pounded with this type of propaganda throughout the school year, perhaps more so in February).
  • her parents didn’t show up for her court hearing
  • she was remanded in custody without bail
  • in this clip, stepmom doesn’t show face, father doesn’t want to appear on camera. Stepmom laughs at 3:57 (h/t Tom Dalpra)
  • girl is named “gender fluid” in story (the year’s meme worldwide)
  • for someone with a troubled family who didn’t appear in court with her, she sure got a lawyer quickly
  • interesting how a wrestling coach ultimately detained the girl
  • news vans, news and police helicopters surrounded the school all day – a reaction above and beyond reasonable for a subsequently minor event (has no other school had students threaten with a [deadly] weapon in Toronto in the past year? If so, did it get this reaction? No!)

Mr. Blair says reports that he tackled the student to the ground are sensationalized and the reality was much different.

“When she raised both hands [holding the knives] at one point, I saw an opportunity to secure her from behind and her arms,” at which point he tried to ease her to the ground as calmly as possible.

The story makes our legislature:

and Russian news:

Update 2/27:

This story had this passage:

As for anti-bullying efforts at Dunbarton and other Ontario high schools, Goodchild says they failed the girl and they could fail others too.

“Is it really a safe school? I don’t think so,” she said. “This happened; it was a matter of time. There are probably more kids who are also struggling with bullying and other issues.”

Upon reading the quote from Ms. Goodchild (ironic name) (possible facebook), I wrote to the school, the board, and the superintendent and asked for their response. It came quickly (it may have been there before I even wrote my concerns):…

February 26 — Statement from the DDSB Regarding Dunbarton High School

?Please click on the title of this banner to read this important information.

The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance to the Durham District School Board and it is a commitment we take very seriously. Dunbarton High School has experienced a difficult week and students and staff are beginning the process of healing and recovery.

On February 25, 2016 a member of our educational assistant staff made some allegations in the news media about alleged incidents of bullying at the school. The allegations made are completely without merit.

The school has thoroughly investigated these allegations and believes they relate to a single incident between two students that was reported to the school administration and in keeping with safe schools protocol, they were investigated, clarified and dealt with. Any new information will be investigated in keeping with safe schools protocol.

The DDSB encourages students and staff to report any concerns to their school administration.

Out of respect for the students and staff involved and their confidentiality, we will not be commenting further except to say that the inference that there were multiple incidents and that students and staff should fear future incidents is patently false.

Confusion surrounding the media reporting (if this is a , remember that conflicting stories are released by design to confuse – if you cannot convince, confuse). Zahra Vaid falsely ID’d as accused in Pickering school stabbing by U.S. blog

A Toronto university student is speaking out after a right-wing American blog falsely identified her as the teen who went on a stabbing spree at a Pickering high school earlier this week, and insinuated religion was behind the attack.

Zahra Vaid posted on Facebook after Tuesday’s stabbing at Dunbarton High School, where her sister’s friends go to school. Vaid, who attends the University of Toronto, said after reading the 14-year-old accused’s blog, it was clear she’d been suffering.

To end the week, another threat, that is officially declared “unsubstantiated”. Is this to end the week with a fresh dose of fear, or is it to add confusion by adding a “fake” scare to the narrative and future google searches?

Threats against Dunbarton, other Pickering schools unsubstantiated: Durham police

 Durham police say they have received multiple calls from students and parents about rumours of threats of violence at Dunbarton High School in Pickering and other area schools, but they have all turned out to be unsubstantiated.

In summary, I am still unsure whether this is a real event or a (hyper realistic drill portrayed as real). I will attempt to follow up on loose ends as a concerned parent – since it’s my and every parent’s right – but I am not confident I will get too far.

This case shows the difficulty of trying to figure out what overly promoted events are real and which are not – even if you’re part of them. The staged stories that inundate us daily from a worldwide media make figuring out fake from real difficult. When an event happens close to home our first instinct is to believe it, since how could we be fooled by something happening right around us?

Stay tuned.



Girl charged in school stabbing was bullied, says educational assistant

Pickering high school teen girl faces 15 charges in stabbings

Teen girl wielding 2 knives attacks students at Dunbarton High School: police

Girl accused in Dunbarton high school stabbing appears in court

Teen charged in Pickering school stabbing was bullied: educational assistant

Teacher encourages empathy after girl accused of stabbing at school in Pickering

Girl, 14, appears in court in connection with Pickering stabbing

Latest Update

Update 3/8/16: I spent a few hours on the phone with the courts and court reporters, and after providing what I thought was the perp’s corporate name, I finally got this reply from a court transcript service:

Good Morning Tim,
We have just heard back from the recording management office regarding this transcript order.
They said:
He cannot have the transcript without a court order.
Unfortunately, unless you get a court order, this file will not be released.
We wish you all the best.
Kindest Regards,
Kimberly Willey
Executive Assistant to
(Commissioner of Oaths, Internationally Certified Digital Reporter,
Internationally Certified Digital Transcriptionist,
Certified Verbatim Reporter,
Certified LiveNote Reporter, Certified SpeechCAT User,
Authorized Court Transcriptionist #5076574572)
Two more charges piled on that our private courts will not reveal.
Update 2/6/17
And so it ends … I neglected to add this final chapter in this (fake) story. No names, no vicsim testimony names – really, we know nothing more than the day this event began.
DURHAM — A teenaged girl who injured several people during a knife attack earlier this year at Pickering’s Dunbarton High School has been sentenced to time served since her arrest, and placed on probation.
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8 thoughts on “Toronto high school slasher

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  2. Vespadouglas

    Coincidence ? I think not . This site and CF are the only real credible opposition , at the moment , to centuries of craft bullshit .
    The hot potatoes , the obvious double bluffs and the ” too easily debunked” psy-ops of the past year are evidence that the craft elite have upped their game .
    This is yet another raise.
    A little reminder to everyone that they are watching us watching them .
    I think this was personal .

      1. Vespadouglas

        Be careful what you wish for Ab .
        Seriously , don’t underestimate yourself . if you were craft elite , coIntel , who would you consider to be your biggest obstacle in your objective of suppressing truth ….Most certainly yourself and Simon.

        1. Vespadouglas

          Don’t get me wrong here . Im not a replacement for , friendly prophet of doom , jeffc .
          I dont think more than a dozen people , backed up by a fleet of , out the loop , blue light workers would be needed to pull this off if it was a hoax ,the isolationism of a sleeper girl in the school would be essential if this was scripted .
          We all chase shadows (me especially ) sometimes , but when its so close to home of one of the leading figures in craft fakery , in the world , you gotta wonder . Then again , considering there is so much fakery , is it simply a law of averages that one will land on your doorstep soon enough ? Mine did . Two weeks after I began posting things ( I’ve never read anywhere else ) about the first minister of scotland , I had a young girls , obvious fake death , story , hundreds of yards from my front door .
          Coincidence ? Most likely , but it gave me a jolt .
          You are , however , a very different story mate .
          Your head must be spinning . Respect .VD

          1. Vespa

            What fun Ab , to raise an action regarding the psycological trauma suffered by your daughter . ( I jest , of course) . The systems negligence , in failing to spot the tell tale signs that we’ve seen so many times before in these disturbed children would be an open wound in court . What if this was to turn out to be an invite for the out of court cash settlement offer you wouldn’t be able to refuse .

          2. psyopticon

            Maybe not even a juvenile actor playing the perp. Just a youthful looking adult playing the role? Even the psyop psychopaths baulk at using real kids for the gory stuff. When using minors in psyops how can they demonstrate informed consent, of both child and guardians?

            Had the child suspect definitely been a “pupil” there for four months? Who confirmed that on the calendar? Or was it just a “factoid” served up by the media?

            Maybe the child was never a regular pupil there? Her profile artificially elevated to ensure other kids recognised her, ready for the psyop? Perhaps putting her on the school stage for some reason, for all her peers to notice her? While keeping her away from other kids during that four month period? Ostensibly educating her in special needs classes, maybe? Or a similar ruse. Excusing her (non-)attendance of any mainstream classes?

            Bit weird that the press was there in time — and granted access — to photograph the gurneys coming out! How very staged.

            Why is this hero teacher identified only as “Mr Blair” in the written “news” reports? “Yes Mr Blair, No Mr Blair”. Very schoolboy-ish. The MP Jamie Schmale included Blair’s first name (James) in his eulogy. So why couldn’t the press? And what was the purpose of his speech? Actually naming Blair and colleagues? To reassure those in the psyop who were getting cold feet? Showing them that this hoax has the seal of parliamentary approval?

            Then the interview with the “stepmum” sporting that ridiculous straw hat. The video is now just 1 minute (exactly) in length. Clearly cut down since Ab referenced the step-mum chuckling at 3m57s. Why?

            Besides, in practice, would the “step-mum” be giving media interviews at all? Barely 24 hours after the alleged incident? Rather than supporting her family? Instead, she’s being pimped out in the news studios, pushing the propaganda that mental health care needs lots more money. In the circumstances, it’s not a credible narrative.

            Rapid court appearance for the girl, allegedly? Doubt that would happen. Especially not for a juvenile. Certainly wouldn’t happen in Britain. The priority would be detaining her – as a vulnerable individual – using mental health laws for assessment and treatment. The criminal court appearances, if they would even happen at all, would be deferred to a much later date.

            Just another hoax (imvho); presumably run off the back of a school slasher drill.

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