Spooky Clinton and Lewinsky hoax

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Miles goes to town on the Lewinsky 0;scandal” and the very spooky past of Bill Blythe Clinton. He even adds some Zach Hubbard gematria to his story.

I enjoyed these quotes:

We are told Blythe died in Sikeston, Missouri in 1946, when his car skidded off the road. He was thrown clear but drowned in a ditch in three feet of water. At least it wasn’t 33 feet of water.


As such, they should have been able to expose the fact that Clinton had zero experience in anything, except in for offices for which he had no qualifications.


These scandals and apparent murders are almost always signs of the trillionaires nudging one another, jockeying for power in Intelligence. It is Intelligence that runs the country now, including the military, although Intel takes orders from the trillionaire families.


One of his pet theories, especially on Lenny Bloom’s show, was that the controlled the world. Right. Not trillionaire Industrialists, many of them Jewish, but Jesuits. Yes, the Jesuits have been involved in centuries of skullduggery, but like everyone else, they were controlled. They controlled nothing.



Miles has a lot of material here to chew on. He doesn’t bring up Wag the Dog, which everyone mentions in reference to the Lewinsky .

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1 thought on “Spooky Clinton and Lewinsky hoax

  1. Blue Moon

    Yes, this was a good one- Not that he was in a slump, but this was MM getting his mojo going strong- Clinton may or may not be what he, or MM says he is, but he is not worth the trouble in the long run- The Clinton complex is a total fabrication, from the saxaphone to the Henny Youngman style podium BS to the glass cieling breaking wife (who will never get elected- Way too corrupt)- Slick Willie was/is a stand -up politician- Someone should do a study on stand-up comedians and Actor-in-Chief POTUS’s podium speak- I’m certain that their cadence and NLP-style BS is very similar- Tom Hanks could stand in for any president/actor- India elects movie stars, apparently- topyaps.com/top-10-indian-cele…

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