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Who?  OBF
When? Sunday,  March 13, 2016 7:11pm EDT





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7 thoughts on “FAK154-OBF

  1. onebornfree

    Thank you Ab for inviting me back onto your show. It was good to talk with you again.

    First of all, I’d like to [again] thank Simon and Hoi for their amazing research and their forums at :www.cluesforum.info/

    As a confirmed misanthrope/cynic, I’m not sure about “September Clues” and associated [ www.septemberclues.info/ ]
    ever making the world a better place on the whole, however, via my own personal experience, I still firmly believe that “September Clues” and the associated forum site is one of the finest tools for personal growth, personal freedom and associated issues, out there.

    For more on this subject see:
    “9/11 Video & Victim Fakery and”The Matrix”, Versus Your Freedom “:
    onebornfrees911researchreview…. .

    A recent forum thread I started in a “libertarian /anarchist” forum, and mentioned in this interview thread :

    9/11 Was an Inside Job!:

    My own miniscule “original research” contribution to 9/11 research :

    Fl. 175’s Speed: Fairbanks [290+ mph] or Fox [540 + mph]? :

    Vis a vis my views on Trump and the political process in general: here is my own decidedly and totally pessimistic political philosophy, roughly encapsulated in a song I wrote and still perform live:

    “Dreams [Anarchist Blues]-Fake-Eye “D”-Live 020216 :

    [Strangely enough, and much to my surprise, still, I get regular requests to hear this song live! I just assume everyone who likes it misunderstands the lyrics 🙂 ].

    Regarding my mentioning of the great H.L. Mencken , here is a link to some typical quotes of his : www.notable-quotes.com/m/menck…

    For any one interested I recommend reading Mencken’s “Minority Report”.

    Questions/ violent disagreements etc. : email: onebornfreeayahoodotcom

    Regards, onebornfree.

  2. Black Dog

    OK just downloaded — Thanks! And 64 Kbps, great, otherwise, below 64k they start acting funny in players..

    BTW I seen the guy who just came back from space (funny I know) (Scott Kelly) and did you see the symbols on his jacket(s) ! ! ? ..can’t believe no vids on that yet.

  3. richard benedict

    Excellent discussion. So many great points-too numerous to elaborate. The interview speaks for itself.

    I remember OBF’s original interview with Ab and his courageous interview with Fetzer on the Real Deal. It was good to here from you.

    Perhaps an enterprising fakeologist could post classic fakeologist interviews at archive.org for posterity.



    OBF, Simon Shack, Chris Kendal, SMJ, Unreal, etc

    I especially like OBF’s point about believing nothing on TV or radio and little on the Internet. I agree. I also liked Ab’s point about the the psychological dimension being the most fascinating. Yes. I took solace in listening to both explain there is no one to talk to about the concept of PSYOPS/hoaxes. So true. Even in the face of the most egregious examples, people can not entertain the idea. Just recently with the San Bernadino hoax, I asked several people about the propriety of journalists traipsing through the home/crime scene of the terrorists. They just explain it away. 911 as hoax appears to have gained no traction. As Paul Romano has argued, it is impossible to break the indoctrination.


    OBF, brought up an interesting point about the type of personality that goes to Sept Clues and this site i.e. the type of personality that can see and accept the reality of hoaxes. I would be curious to see how OBF fakeologists score on this unusual personality test.


    The test takes just moments to complete and the result can be quite enlightening. Yours truly scored as a INFJ, a relatively rare type.


    Here are a few excerpts from my results.

    “Because of their strength of intuition… many INFJs report feeling like aliens in the world….[INFJ have] a deeper sense or impression of people, penetrating appearances and revealing hidden motives and intentions. Consequently, INFJs often feel they can see people more clearly than those people can see themselves.

    If that doesn’t describe a fakeologist, OBF, I’ll eat my hat.



    1. richard benedict

      @OBF, what clinched the JFK as hoax for me was this vignette gleaned from a documentary I saw on JFK’s last 24 hours.

      There is no reason for the commentator to talk about McKinley assassination as they wait for the president. And no reason to even factor it into the assassination plans if he was really to be killed. it would just invite suspicion.

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