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  1. Carys

    Mr. Robot, Season 2, starring President Obama


    Yes, that is President Barack Obama talking about an “attack” that will “affect our economy in ways that are extraordinarily significant”.

    But how did they get Obama to deliver a fake news conference about a Mr Robot hacking? Well, for a start, we’re almost certain it’s a voice impersonator delivering the lines, and not Obama himself.

    However, that still leaves the question of how they managed to sync his lips to the audio so neatly. The best explanation we’ve found so far is a face replacement tool such as the one suggested by Reddit user PositroniceTomato. The video below shows one example of how it could work.

    Just when you thought telling the difference between real and fake news wasn’t hard enough… Perhaps a massive criminal cyber attack is the least of our worries.

    Mr. Robot, Season 2 trailer

    Alternate Reality Game found in the Season 2 trailer:


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