How a fakeologist mind works

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Was doing the moonwatch:

Cee Dee was going to play the Cars, so I thought about them and how fantastic they were, and how bad is today:

Then remembered how Benjamin Orr was a huge star and a sex symbol that I never paid attention to (I only really knew Ocasek) .

Then I remembered he got pancreatic cancer young, looked skeletal, and then died.

L-Ocasek, R-Benjamin Orr

Then I thought of Rob Ford, who we’re told has cancer and is undergoing chemo at a maternity/infectious diseases (SARS anyone) hospital (not a cancer hospital) and last looked like this:

Then I thought just about everyone in this world can be fooled by the media, despite what their 6 senses tell them.

How sad.

6 thoughts on “How a fakeologist mind works

  1. richard benedict

    @Ab, thx for the pic of the unfortunate Ben Orr. I attached a pic of the late Dave McGowan 8 days before his death. I encourage people to compare that pic with the pix of a robust David Bowie’s from his last photo shoot for a glimpse into the mind of this fakeologist.

    @Hare Brain, affix a pair of righteous headphones to your ears and enjoy this Cars tune featuring Mr. Orr.

      1. richard benedict

        Yikes! Wrong guy…what i thinking. Please delete or disregard.

        Here is link to McGwan pic. I do not know if it showed.

        BTW, on attachment is a pic of noted writer Dave McGowan 8 days before his death from lung cancer. Compare that image with the pix of a robust Bowie before he died.

        Read more:…

  2. Hare Brain

    I just googled “chemo” and “weight gain.” Some people do gain weight. I was under the impression that everyone lost weight, but that seems to be a myth.

    I was also under the impression that Ric Ocasek sang all of the hit songs of the Cars except for Drive. Wow, I’ve been totally wrong all these years.

    1. ab Post author

      Rob Ford started off morbidly obese. He ended up being morbidly obese. This is not consistent with prolonged chemo, especially when it’s not working. References to weight gain online only refer to modest ones due to water retention. If his cancer was in his fat cells (his cancer was as rare as any cancer could be), you’d think they’d cut them out and get him to lose weight. We’re just arguing about a movie, so I’ll end it here.

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