An ugly mind

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Miles Mathis brings up some interesting points, including more talk that the Industrialists run the CIA to make pseudo science and quakademics, all to extort money from the bewildered public. Lots of spooky talk.

The photo above is Russell Crowe as mathematician John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, from 2001. With hindsight even that date now looks like a red flag, seeing that 2001 is when the Matrix went into overdrive.


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2 thoughts on “An ugly mind

  1. Blue Moon

    The only laugh in the movie was the title card at the end explaining with a straight face that this alleged paranoid schizophrenic closet case’s theories were the basis of our modern economy-
    Screwing with science isn’t just to “make money” whatever that means now, but it’s to misdirect all of the top minds into dead end projects like nukes and NASA- This is the way innovation is suppressed- Anyone who does make a leap forward is going to be bought out quick-
    The Romans had a form of electricity and steam power but suppressed it all to keep the slaves from benefitting from leisure time and the opportunity to contemplate the inequalities of the system and what to do about it-
    My thinking these days is that Transhumanism is another con job to redirect clever people into a ditch- Same with private rocketeering- And mind wasters like Google Glasses- Hell, Google sits check by jowl with a military instillation- The endless wars are another form of brain drain- What, in fact, are any of us working towards? Seems the only innovation is in outing these cons- Fakeology is not for sale!!! (Resting…)

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