Ford cancer care examined

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I’m not getting much support from my local contacts for my theory that the Rob Ford death was a hoax. This is understandable, since it is close to home. The closer a is to one, the less likely people believe they can be fooled.

One of the more nagging reasons for questioning Ford’s cancer story is simple: money. The Ford family has money, and lots of it we are told. Like Trump, he allegedly paid for most of his own political expenses out of his own pocket.

Why then wouldn’t he pursue treatments for his cancer at the best hospitals in the world? He has the money to go anywhere. Canada is known for universal mediocre health care. People don’t come from around the world to Toronto for cancer care last time I looked. We have a top ranked research hospital – Prince Margaret. Why didn’t he go there?

If all regular allopathic avenues don’t work, why not go alternative? Even Farrah Fawcett tried German new medicine (true or not who knows). has many therapies that aren’t allowed in the American world – like Gerson, that reportedly work for some.

Why not just lose weight? He was clearly morbidly obese during all his public appearances. Is there even a real validated image of him in recent months?

Remember, the Ford family has made his life, all of it from good to bad, public. Therefore, any speculation is fair game. If he was a private entity, then I’d ignore him and his life. I actually like Rob Ford, unlike the chattering classes, but like the average Joe (that’s me). I personally didn’t believe any of the stories being smeared on him, whether he played along with them or not. It’s logical I don’t believe this (ultimate) story either. Isn’t it a good thing to wish he was alive and not dead – ready for his new, private life away from the mess he made in public?

If I’m wrong, I intend no disrespect. Like all media stories, I don’t need to prove them fake – the media needs to prove they are true – since they lost my confidence a long time ago.

Rob Ford’s body will lie in repose at Toronto City Hall for two days next week.Ford’s family announced the details Wednesday for the ex-mayor’s funeral. The Etobicoke North (Ward 2) councillor will lie in repose at City Hall on Monday and Tuesday for the public to pay their respects.

Source: Rob Ford funeral on Wednesday | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

8 thoughts on “Ford cancer care examined

  1. aralsea


    I attended the public visitation of Rob Ford at Toronto City Hall today (Monday March 28). I saw what I believe to be sincere grief from his family members. His wife was quite emotional and hugged many people in the line. His mother was quite emotional but strong. I believe he is dead, gone, for real.

    1. ab Post author

      Ok thanks Aral. You’re quite invested in this it seems. There is no reason the fakers won’t simulate a funeral. They’re good at it. It’s hard to believe they brought their showmanship to Toronto, but we do have a bustling Hollywood North reputation with our puny dollar. Closed casket, right?

  2. Hare Brain

    He was a fat guy who developed health issues and died young.

    “Why then wouldn’t he pursue treatments for his cancer at the best hospitals in the world?”

    According to this article, he was doing some cutting edge experimental treatment.…

    “The program will make Ford one of the first patients in Canada to take advantage of the U.S.-Israeli biotech firm Champions Oncology’s “TumorGraft” platform.”

    1. Hare Brain

      And if this is a hoax, then the elites are bashing and making fun of the mainstream medicine they’re pushing on everyone. Wouldn’t it be a better hoax if Ford was doing some quacky alternative treatment which failed miserably.

      1. Jollyjones

        I had a feeling it was a hoax since the day he was diagnosed with cancer. The fake sick voice was too much. Something like when you call in to work pretending to be sick and you the fake sick voice. Once the media indicated the casket he is in at city hall is closed there is no doubt its fake because I bet there is no body in the casket.

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