Bouncy castles

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What’s with a bouncing castle getting blown away about once a year? Anything to these stories? Probably not, but they’ve been promoted in the media today and therefore should be looked at carefully.

Florida tornado blows bouncy castle away with 3 kids inside

Police name girl killed on Harlow bouncy castle at Easter fair

Strong winds blow away Littleton, Colorado bounce castle with two children inside | Daily Mail Online

Bouncy tank used for
Russia inflates its military with blow-up weapons – BBC News

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3 thoughts on “Bouncy castles

  1. xileffilex

    Here’s another fairground inflatable “serious incident” drill in the UK. All the hallmarks…..
    Eight children were injured after falling from an inflatable fairground slide at a fireworks display.
    suuure they were
    Promoted story – check
    Air accident helicopter summoned – check
    Children – check
    Lucky escape – check
    Citizen journalist tweets – check
    Area sealed off – check
    Police call for photos and videos [which would disprove the narrative] check
    The fireworks display was abandoned shortly after the children were injured.


  2. xileffilex

    “Family of Summer Grant ask for privacy” – check
    Two GoFundMe accounts set up – check
    No sign of any fairground in the “rescue”
    video footage – check []
    helicopter in air – check [but conditions too windy for the air ambulance!]
    Travelled one hundred miles from home with father to attend a fair – check
    Police say it will be a “lengthy” and “thorough” investigation – check
    “pointing” by police [with “Fun Fair” sign – check…

    “Taken to hospital by air ambulance” – whaaat? I thought it was too windy?? ^^

    1. xileffilex

      April 9 2016………

      Her uncle Shawn Grant, 26, of Orchard Croft, said: “It is great to see so many people here tonight.

      Summer’s grandfather John Stratford, 66, who lives in Potter Street, said: “It’s good so many people have come and it’s nice to have the candles. It is just all so sad.”

      The vigil was organised on Facebook by Danielle Prior. The 32-year-old from Enfield said: “Many more people came than I expected and it was a great turnout. We had probably 500 or 600 people turn up tonight which was really nice.

      Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, also attended the vigil

      “In my own view there should be no bouncy castles in Harlow until we are sure they are 100 per cent safe so that a tragedy like this never happens again.”
      “I have liased with the family the whole way through. It is for them. I didn’t know Summer but I did know her dad and uncle, Shawn


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