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Putin the actor

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hoi.polloi wrote:I’m sorry to do another “post and run” but hopefully because it’s the Chatbox and because I explain why I am posting this, it will be accepted.Take a look at this strange moment with Putin. The interviewer asks him about missile defenses and Putin just chuckles. Could it be that we have the reason, right here on CluesForum, about why he’s laughing — he knows the “missile defense shield” stories pushed by the military intelligence controlled media are just hot air? full link:

I think you’re watching a composite – are you sure the back of the head shot is Putin’s? I’m not.The biggest joke is we don’t see Putin EVER speaking English – even though I am certain he’s fluent in it being Jesuit trained. Another world “leader” playing his role.

Source: View topic – THE “CHATBOX” • Cluesforum.info

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Staged scene for noble lie

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Yesterday, a rich son (who may be an actor playing the role) of a real rich person in Toronto) was sentenced to a long jail sentence for drunk driving (a real problem apparently).

Does this scene look staged? It does to me. Too many missing components (skid marks, etc).

Note this is an isolated area of Northern Toronto (not yet overrun with urban sprawl). Easily controlled, perfect for a #HRDPAR.

Don’t click here if you don’t like bad acting.

h/t Ginny

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