Putin the actor

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hoi.polloi wrote:I’m sorry to do another 0;post and run” but hopefully because it’s the Chatbox and because I explain why I am posting this, it will be accepted.Take a look at this strange moment with Putin. The interviewer asks him about missile defenses and Putin just chuckles. Could it be that we have the reason, right here on , about why he’s laughing — he knows the “missile defense shield” stories pushed by the military intelligence controlled media are just hot air? full link:

I think you’re watching a composite – are you sure the back of the head shot is Putin’s? I’m not.The biggest joke is we don’t see Putin EVER speaking English – even though I am certain he’s fluent in it being Jesuit trained. Another world “leader” playing his role.

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11 thoughts on “Putin the actor

  1. Hoi Polloi

    Sorry if you took my words rather seriously, Ab!

    It was totally meant as a light-hearted poke at the vague way our so-called “leaders” are displayed to us and how we might supersede all the complex propaganda to get straight to the point.

    1. ab Post author

      Ok I missed your original point. Thanks for clarifying. He’s still an actor who plays the evil enemy.

  2. Hoi Polloi

    The Putin being displayed to us here is meant to be a kind of vague comedian laughing at the rest of the world. Yet his “laughter” isn’t so convincing is it?

    My point was that as long as we are being encouraged to imagine anything we want about the leaders by being shown such vague pictures, we may as well throw it back at them and mock their dramas (even if we are accused of “missing the point” by the “plugged in” and brainwashed).

    Sorry if you took my words rather seriously.

  3. annspinwall4

    Since O’Halahan is in South Korea, from time to time I check to see what the “little dictator” is up to in North Korea. He is such a cartoonish little nut job, I have to believe he is another CIA asset playing his role. Any thoughts?

    1. richard benedict

      Not only are celebrities replaced from time to time, it happens to world leaders as well. Here’s is an 1999 interview with Putin 1.0 The date on the video is wrong, it is not 1996, but 1999. The man who was chosen for being a ‘legend”. They needed a shell – a name, background, history, friends and relatives who know him personally, an appearance that is easy to copy etc. He as a person, his character, was not important for the PROJECT

      The surname is important. Putin” comes from the Russian word “Put’” (with the soft ending), which means “Way”. It could mean – “the way out”, or “our own way”. He also was selected, IMHO, because of a “classic” Slavonic type of appearance.
      As for the appearance… this first Putin had big ice-blue round protuberant eyes, deep eye sockets with a lot of wrinkled skin around them, and blond hair,.yellowish skin color, round head. He was very soft-spoken and kind of shy.
      Here’s another Putin from 2000. This actor began impersonating Putin immediately he became president in 2000. The differences are almost too numerous to elucidate – almost everything is different in him from the real blue-eyed Putin. Skull shape, cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, ears… Also no wrinkles, he looks “rubber”.

      1. UNreal

        If this character was Put In place by an intelligence network speaking english, “Put in” contracted to “Putin” still sound like a plausible wordplay for a Psyop where they mock us. a little bit like ‘Mason Wells’ was used in Brussels.

        after all, Russia & Usa are probably scripted @ the same time by the same people as they interrelate in the ‘bad cop’/’good cop’ international political farce,,,


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