Staged scene for noble lie

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Yesterday, a rich son (who may be an actor playing the role) of a real rich person in Toronto) was sentenced to a long jail sentence for drunk driving (a real problem apparently).

Does this scene look staged? It does to me. Too many missing components (skid marks, etc).

Note this is an isolated area of Northern Toronto (not yet overrun with urban sprawl). Easily controlled, perfect for a .

Don’t click here if you don’t like bad acting.

h/t Ginny

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2 thoughts on “Staged scene for noble lie

  1. psyopticon

    The grieving mother script is shockingly poor. Would a mother really talk about her dying daughter in such a macabre way? About her heart being about to “explode”?

    It’s quite a common flaw in these baby death psyops. Using the mother to graphically emphasize the nature of the (fake) death. Intending to drive home the full horror of it. Except it’s most unnatural. When relating a loved one’s death, we normally soften the clinical description.

    “02m10s: Can you just tell us about that picture. Is that you holding them?

    No. That’s Millie in there. They joined their hands together. The officer behind you will show it to you more. But that was there their hands in the hospital.

    They pushed their beds together. Because they asked me when I decided I had to turn the machines off so Millie’s heart wouldn’t explode. I couldn’t pick which baby to turn off the machines first. So I said can you put them together please. So they put them together. And Edward and I crawled into bed with them.

    And this is what the team did for us. So that we put our hands on top of theirs. So that at least – when my children – we were there with them when they were born, we were there with both of them when they died.

    And they died hugged by us in bed surrounded by all the family and friends that sang to them Somewhere Over The Rainbow as we turned off the machines.

    Simply dreadful script.

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