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Fake forever war

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Do they have studios that they film this in Israel as well? Fake terrorism has been perfected in Israel – with its citizens as victims.

All this war fakery is perhaps Israel’s biggest export – paid for by US taxpayers to be used against the US citizens in the US.

Iron Dome Is Fake – Part 2 – Israeli Hoax Pretext For Palestinian Invasion, US Taxpayer Fraud

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Neil disgrace Tyson on 9/11

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NDT is a professional agitator and disinformation military change agent. His specialty isn’t astrophysics but NLP and rhetoric. He is clearly good at it, and dominates the science media spectrum.

Being a paid shill for the Nutwork, it’s no wonder he has a 9/11 show, featuring other highly promoted culture change agents.…

He even squeezes/crowbars in a curved earth reference at the end.

H/t Jim S.

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Anatomy of a Psychological Operation: The Mandela/Berenstein Effect

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Why retitle when Steve does such a good job?

I had no idea about this psyop until recently. It’s deep and is really a form of gaslighting.

For the record, I enjoyed froot loops, especially on the road in those small cut  down boxes. I’d never eat them now though.

Steve mentions NASA uses t-minus for their countdowns as Satan-T=NASA. Nice.

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That baby has a moustache!

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Fake trials and fake courtrooms, and really bad photoslop (or whatever equivalent) of vicsims. Without the internet and keyboard critics, the deceivers really had it easy.

Russianvids doing more good work exposing the horrible Jeffrey Dahmer psyOp. Makes the OJ hoax look brilliant in comparison.

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Hamas – controlled opposition

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Everyone likes to blame Israel and Jews for everything. I choose a different view: Jews are the most victimized group on the planet, especially in Israel. The Anglo American empire took these “chosen people” and put them in a place that wasn’t really theirs and scared them into staying and they’ve been sheltering in place ever since.

Hamas is PLO 2.0 – and I totally agree that they were either completely created by the Nutwork or completely infiltrated. Either way, the result is the same – both sides will never get together as they’re artificially kept at each others’ throats.

Israel has been the modern testbed of psychological operations and their effect on the population. While there are enough complicit court jews to take the blame, this artificial culture was created by the Anglo American Jesuit empire to fester and boil for all eternity. All the terror techniques aimed squarely at their own population are being used today on the rest of the modern world.

Both sides are suffering for real in this fake conflict, with the poor side (Palestinians) getting the short end of the stick. The staged footage and designer uniforms are definitely good clues that the main casualty here is, as always, the truth.

I wonder what Max Igan has to say about this, since this “war” is one of his pet projects.

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