CC8: One life per ounce

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Really interesting talk with K and Hoi about the money system.

He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.

-James A. Garfield

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2 thoughts on “CC8: One life per ounce

  1. Barbara Mueller

    well, the money issue is actually much simpler than that. The majority of people have to work for a living, have to earn a salary and is forced to give a part of it for taxes. And this tax-part is now much bigger than the 10 percent in the middle age the peasants had to pay back then. The state enforces taxes using the same methods the famous “mafia” used before the state took over. With some creativity everybody can get a part of this taxes for himself. Banks e.g. invented fake transactions which they make between them selves. They just swap numbers pretend to loaning each other money and keep a part of every transaction as provisions. The bigger the swapped (that’s why they call it swaps, which is the most common form of this fake transactions) numbers are, the bigger provisions they’re allowed to keep. The swapped numbers are just this: numbers, which is the real meaning of “fiat money”, but the provisions are paid with real money which comes from salaries and taxes. That’s how the working people are being robbed this days. It’s very simple.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      I disagree with the premise of your first statement, that defining money is more complex than what you call “simple”: your defining of BOTH “real” value and “fake” value.

      The moment you are trying to define what is “real” value or what is “fake” value, are you inviting others to discuss with you what money is? What value statements you are willing to make with others — which is the very process of “real value creation” we all have?

      If not, you are acknowledging your own power to make the statements but not admitting that others have that same ability and right; and hopefully that lack of sympathy for your brothers and sisters doesn’t help the groundwork of the State banks, mints and legal structure that’s presently used to squash any sorts of discussions of this nature.

      Congrats on starting your own narrative about money, but I can’t say kudos for trying to belittle others’ discussions of it by implying it’s “too complex” to question authority. The capitalist banks have trained its citizens well. We even shut down and belittle the discussion of money before it’s begun. It’s high time we broke that habit.

      Knowing just a bit about the history of what has been done to create the so-called “real” money you claim exists should make us very skeptical indeed about maintaining the status quo definitions of “real money”.


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