Flat Talk

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Since could be a , and has become THE wedge issue of the skeptic crowd for the past year, I’ve splintered off a sub-blog and will migrate all my flat posts over there.

There’s no perfect way to divide what could be the biggest psyOp of all time from other , but I’ll try and keep this main blog more centric.

Always evolving (not revolving).


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5 thoughts on “Flat Talk

  1. Barbara Mueller

    as long as all the Flatearthers do not explain what is on the downside of the flat earth I’m ignoring all their arguments. It’s that easy. Don’t waste your time with Flatearthers!

  2. UNreal

    Good Idea Ab !

    most researchers have the subject all backwards however as they fail to acknowledge that Psyops are present in every subject-matter we engage in. NASA is a giant Psyop but we still investigate their propaganda. it is sad that some prominent researchers (i.e. Max Igan) can discourage so many others with only one or two arguments. researching the ball/flat earth requires us to to be minute and gather all of the evidence, rule out the contradictions of this grammar and then reaching conclusions.

    however, hope you still will have guests on your “main” show on the topic, the interview you did with Bob, Jeran and ‘ex-cohost’ Morgile was interesting and enlightening on the FE “mouvement” and also on it’s shortcomings.

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