Audiochat-Tom, Ab

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Tom and I talk about a post over on Squatty potty and Lillipads, not to mention appendicitis.


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7 thoughts on “Audiochat-Tom, Ab

  1. Bruce

    I bought a Lilypad about 4 years ago, and introduced the family to it. MY wife pretty much shuns it (much to my chagrin), my kids use it willingly if they feel backed up (at least that), and I use it daily. It has literally changed my life.
    It is also well-built (sturdy) and easy to put together.
    Made a memorable Christmas gift to the family at worst, and may improve the lives of my children in any case.

      1. Bruce

        Well, some of it is a bit embarrassing. Suffice it to say that regularity is no longer the issue it was.
        Also, no problems (as previously) with haemorrhoids or fissures.
        But, more than that (and, perhaps as an indirect result): there is more ‘movement’ in general.
        I’ve lost 10kg – seemingly permanently, without much specific effort.
        I gave up my business, or lets say, I got out from underneath the burden of it. The cycle is currently turning, and I am re-building the business with more care and attention (to my actual needs and wants).
        I put much of this down to beginning to squat. At any rate, it was a coincidental occurrence.
        Make sense?

          1. Bruce

            A mix of researching ‘conspiracy theories’ and horrible constipation 😉
            I can’t remember how I ended up on one of those sites explaining the whole alignment issue – but the Lily Pad was the easiest option, and I thought they seemed like nice sincere people.

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