Politicians for the people who died (in office)

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Politics is theater for ugly people, we are told.

Politicians who campaign on behalf of the people – and succeed and convincing them that they’re for the little guy, fighting the machine – have a short shelf life.

It almost seems like they are given a choice early on: take the lead or the gold.

Many take the lead – or do they? What if they fake taking the lead and take the gold too – and are reborn into a new private life?

I want to create a list of those who may have done so.

The controlled message of this is twofold: for those real people that think they can come make a difference and change the system, giving a more 0;equitable” share to the people – you better think twice. For the proles who want more of their share who dream of someone who will do so – forget it. No one is going to risk it for them and they better just be happy.

Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto

Jack Layton, leader of the opposition

John F. Kennedy, and all other Kennedys

Martin Luther King

Malcom X

Pim Fortuyn


Paul Wellstone

Jean Lapierre

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