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The whole vax/anti-vax dialectic is complex and very confusing. This latest controversy doesn’t help? Is Robert DeNiro really on the side for truth, or is he controlled opposition? Is the whole vax/anti-vax a giant red herring, obscuring the real cause of autism-like symptoms? I don’t have any answers so far, but my opinion today is that vaccines at best do nothing, and at worst cause some sort of mild to severe side effect due to the chemical preservatives that harm the body.

Why was Vaxxed shut down? The answer? Jane Rosenthal and her (ex) husband, Craig Hatkoff. That’s my opinion, my story, and I’m sticking to it. Yes, there were other pressures on Robert De Niro. I know all about them. But Jane Rosenthal and her husband Craig are very, very tight with De Niro. How tight?

Source: Why Vaxxed was shot down at Tribeca—up close and personal « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

DeNiro says pull it at 1:26


Lucky Larry says it too

If you can’t watched Vaxxed (can’t be found so far), check “Bound”, which switches to a food movie half way through.

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Audiochat-Ab, Uninstall Media

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Good chat with Uninstall – let’s get the audiochat going again!

We talk about Making of a Murderer, Squatting, and Slender Man


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